2 thoughts on “The Edwards-Cheney Debate: Lost Opportunity to Discuss Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I agree with you about what Edwards should have said about Israel-Palestine. (Though not Jewish, I’m a big fan of Michael Lerner.)
    Nice blog. See mine (Running Commentary).

    Yours, from the southern part of the Hudson River Valley, Sleepy Hollow (previously known as North Tarrytown, in case you haven’t been back in a while),
    Russ Wellen

  2. I mean it kindly when I say “get real.” Your candor on this site is so refreshing, has made me a fan, but before November 2, NOBODY running for office wants to say a word about Israel-Palestine other than, “What we’re doing is good for it.”

    It’s all about advertising and spinning, and a great ad man once described that perspective as “Fear in a dark suit.”

    Even to say the obvious, that Sharon provoked the Intifida by bringing armed men to the Dome of the Rock to generate terrorist acts and Jewish fear just so he could win an election — even to say that as personal opinion is to open up to a variety of virulent attacks — even milder, just to say “There can be two countries and the Palestinians have rights, too” will get some people on the warpath … so politicians who cavil and preen and bow and scrape and beg to get people to vote for them are never going to come right out and say what’s on their minds — if anything other than getting elected.

    Bush’s Fundamentalism believes in the End Times, The Rapture marked by total war in the Middle East, etc… Book of Revelations interpreted as an instruction manual instead of a poetic vision about one’s own soul … and he and his henchmen are doing their damnedest to bring on the end times…

    Between the two extremes, blowing up a few people and oneself in order to get to the 72 virgins is slightly preferable, if only because they kill fewer people and are at least willing to take the consequences. But comparing sociopathic insanities is not a very profitable venture.

    I hope and believe, if and when Kerry becomes president, IF IT’S NOT TOO LATE, he will present some seriously feasible steps to reduce the strife and will kick BOTH Sharon and Arafat’s asses enough to make them want to settle it…

    Or so we can hope. But nothing until after the election. (Oh, since I’m Jewish, the crazy can start attacking me as “self hating” instead of “anti-semite.”)

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