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Jews, Apes and African Refugees

Thanks to Sol Salbe for translating the following Haaretz article (to which I made minor editorial and spelling changes), which offers quotations from Vichy era anti-Semitic rants by French collaborators with the Nazis.  It’s important to note the similarities in tone, image and sentiment between then and now.  Now being the racist rants of Israeli politicians like MKs Miri Regev, Eli Yishai (Interior Minister), Michael Ben Ari, Danny Danon and others calling the African refugees a “cancer” in Israel’s body (after which she apologized to Israeli cancer patients!).

In reading below it’s also important to note that these very Israeli racist demagogues have proposed creating concentration camps in which the Africans would be incarcerated.  Vichy France did something similar to its Jews, though they ended up being transferred to extermination camps and killed.  A fate that will never befall Israel’s Africans.  They could, however, be expelled back into the Sinai wilderness only to wander there for forty years like Moses and the Israelites till they find a way back to the hell holes they escaped in Eritrea, South Sudan and Somalia.

anti semitic propaganda

Nazi era poster: African apes, Jews and degenerate jazz

Dear Mr Interior Minister

Reuven Miran

May 30 2012

Dear Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Miri Regev MK, Danny Danon MK , Michael Ben-Ari MK and their fellow travelers:

Here are some well-tested historical proposals for your quest to deal with the impoverished black-skinned men, women and children and the residents of poorer neighbourhoods who are both trying to survive in our flourishing country:

“What kind of court would really condemn us had we denounced the astonishing invasion of Paris and France by apes?  It is impossible not to know that the apes had settled years ago in certain regions, and even in some zoos. Today you can see them everywhere… It must be noted that a rather strong anti-Ape sentiment has developed among the public. You go to the theater? The hall is brimming with apes. They hang from every corner, in the stands, in the wings. On the bus, in the Metro? Apes. I park myself innocently in a cafe? On my left and on my right, two or three apes occupy a place. Their ability to imitate human behavior means that sometimes it is not possible to immediately identify them…. That thing called anti-Semitism (read on, please)  is becoming more of an essential requirement by the day!” (Robert Brasillach).

“For the sake of our life, for the preservation of our country, we must remove the Jewish gangrene without delay. We will purify ourselves from the parasite in the same that we get rid of the worst kind of fleas and rats” (Jacques Dorsor).

“Wherever they come they bring the notion of…clandestine activity, deceit and corruption. And they are a constant threat to the spirit of accuracy, fairness and striving for perfection used to characterize the French craftsperson. This is a swarm of savages who ensure that they are deprived of their national rights. This enables them to withstand the trials and tribulations of expulsions. Their precarious physical condition brings them by the thousands to our hospitals, and they fill them to capacity… The migrant who had arrived at East Station at 11am, may well be running a shop on the boulevard Sebastopol by the afternoon selling goods and furs as if he were a French trader.  Those who come are those who have chosen our country, not because it is France, but because it is the only place left to speculation and dodgy businesses. We find them crawling over all the branch of art and industry. And they multiply like fleas on a newborn puppy. It is beyond my comprehension how hundreds of thousands of Ashkenazi Jews fled the  ghettos of Poland and Romania, managing to infiltrate our country. All of these migrants, accustomed to live at the edge of society circumventing the country’s laws. They bring with them a lack of adherence, illegal activity, fraud and corruption” (Jean Giraudoux).

Paris got rid of many Jewish migrants: they were sent to concentration camps.

“Acting under a law established by the French government on 4 October 1940, under which foreign-born Jews would be placed in concentration camps, French police conducted a mass hunt of about 5,000 Jewish migrants aged 18-40, mostly from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Austria. During the bleak times of August-September 1939, those same stateless persons had cheered the mass  exodus of millions of French people from their homes following the insane war for the Jews. It would be only fair and proper that yesterday’s cleansing started with them” (a daily newspaper report in Paris, May 18, 1941).

Reuven Miran is a writer, translator and publisher

Hebrew original
Translated by Sol Salbe of the Middle East News Service

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  • Chayma May 30, 2012, 3:29 AM

    For South Sudanese, Back To Africa?

    Moreover, the Interior Ministry has cancelled the temporary work permits that have enabled the Sudanese asylum seekers to survive in Israel. Asylum seeker Simon Mayear said the pressure of looming deportation and not being able to work is taking its toll.

    “We are really not happy; even when we were in Arab countries we didn’t get treated like this. We’re not criminals. We are Christians. We are friends of Israel,” Mayear said.

    “We all want to go back, but the way South Sudan looks right now, it looks dangerous. They are fighting themselves. There is no security. It’s all from zero. It’s a desert now. It’s not a country; it’s a mirage. How come you are sending me there?”

  • Chayma May 30, 2012, 3:34 AM

    I wonder if Miri Regev, Eli Yishai, Michael Ben Ari and Danny Danon who are calling the African refugees a “cancer” area aware that South Sudan is the only country which said it would place it’s embassy in Jerusalem. South Sudan has a large Christian population, and it’s leader is a Christian. He is pro Israel.

    Most of the refugees in Israel are from South Sudan, they went for better economic opportunities probably thinking Israel is a friend. South Sudan has oil, and when it became independant last year, it normalised relations with Israel and exchanged diplomats.

  • Joel May 30, 2012, 4:08 AM

    “Paris got rid of many Jewish migrants: they were sent to concentration camps.”

    Richard. The Vichy government handed the Jewish deportees over to the Nazis, who than liquidated them.

    The African migrants would be sent home. A huge difference, no?

    • Richard Silverstein May 30, 2012, 8:18 PM

      What do you think their fate will be at home? Welcomed with open arms? Or taken out and killed? Besides, these refugees are precisely that, refugees, and expelling them would cause major consternation in the world community. These countries are all basket cases & cesspool of violence. Returning them there would mean a death sentence.

      • Joel May 31, 2012, 4:00 AM

        “Returning them there would mean a death sentence”.

        What do you base this claim on?

        • Richard Silverstein May 31, 2012, 5:34 PM

          First, they would have to survive a trek back to their homeland. Getting to Israel was hard enough. Now they would have to return. They would only have the clothes on their back & no money to bribe guides to take them through the deserts. So how would they get back? Then once they returned where & how would they live? They gave up the homes & jobs, if they had any, where they formerly lived. And these societies are now in the midst of upheaval and disintegrating before our eyes. What do you think would happen to the most vulnerable, the children & elderly in such a situation?

          I know, you don’t particularly care since they’re not your fellow Jews & they’re aliens. It’s not your business, right?

          You’re a heartless, cruel person–except of course for your own kind, Jews. Only certain Jews, not all. The ones who think like you. They’re cool. Everyone else can go to hell. Now we understand the thought process.

        • FancyNancy May 31, 2012, 5:56 PM

          I can never sort out sarcasm, indifference and willful ignorance.

          Which is this?

    • Hmm May 30, 2012, 9:08 PM

      Yes, a huge difference, to someone trying to justify a form of ethnic cleansing. Look up the definition. Just because you create a law out of it, doesn’t make it not ethnic cleansing. The Final Solution is dated to the Wannsee Conference in 1942 or earlier 1941. It wouldn’t be unreasonable that the Nazis hurt Jews prior to that time, but the Final Solution was a systematic program. So, the French Jews were first put into the Concentration Camps without any plan to immediately terminate them. That became their eventual fate.

  • Deïr Yassin May 30, 2012, 7:01 AM

    “…these very Israeli racist demagogues have proposed creating concentration camps in which the Africans would be incarcerated”.
    Not only the Africans apparently. According to Russian infiltrator – from a Palestinian perspective – Yulia Shamalov Berkovitch, member of the Knesset for ‘centrist’ (hmhm) Kadima “all human right activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building …”

    Robert Brasillach, Jacques Doriot (not Dorsor) and Jean Giraudoux ALL died a violent death before the end of the war, the first captured, judged, and shot by the resistance, the second shot by ‘unknown’ and the last died of a ‘food infection’.
    Personnally, I would mind seeing Michael Ben-Ari, well ….

  • Hmm May 30, 2012, 9:11 PM

    I’m sorry, but until Eli Yishai has an invoice in his hand for fire fighting equipment sufficient to support the infrastructure he is responsible for, all he is entitled to do is STFU

  • FancyNancy May 31, 2012, 6:07 PM

    Israel is stuck in a real bind, I give them that. They are a nation of immigrants, screaming at invaders to leave and building prisons to house them. They want to maintain the Jewish character of their state, but at the same time signed the Geneva convention and want to be treated as a legitimate member of the global community. They respond with hostility to every situation, yet desperately complain of a lack of diplomatic support from other countries.

    I don’t doubt the population is a burden on them. But this sort of humanitarian crisis comes with the territory of being a country that is more developed than their neighbors. How they choose to deal with it will probably define foreign policy for a long time, for better or worse.

    Not to mention, I doubt Bibi will be able to guilt other countries anymore on turning away jews during WW2. (A terrible thing) Unless of course he continues to suffer from that terrible illness that stops him from hearing himself speak. :)

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