11 thoughts on “Does Sheldon Adelson Support Genocide or Population Transfer of Palestinians? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for this important piece of information.

    Even if Mitt Romney, does become President, Sheldon Adelson would have to think long and hard, about the consequences of expelling Palestinians. I doubt even Mitt Romney, would turn a blind eye to genocide, even if Sheldon Adelson does fantasise about that, along with other Kahanists.

    It would set a precedent. Sheldon should remember, that other countries could then expel their Jews to Israel. Himself included. Not only that, a lot of so called ‘allies’ of Israel would support that. The Armeggedonites who are his allies, see Jews as holding up the show by remaining in the diaspora.

  2. @ Richard.
    A typo: ‘2007’ instead of 2011 in the blue link.
    I just read an article in Haaretz on that Republican meeting in Florida, I think, where an American-Palestinian asked Romney about his point of view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and it was pretty much like reading this interview with Sheldon Adelson.
    I guess they both are for the “Jordanian-solution”.
    I read a comment somewhere: that in America when you say, even off , that the Jews should go back where they came from (and we’ll never know if Helen Thomas really meant ‘back to Israel’ as she claimed later), you get sacked and ostracized, but you can (‘have to’ as a Republican candidate ?) publicly endorse the transfer of Palestinians when you run for president.
    Long live a new world order where the US gets peripherical.

  3. Excuse my naivité, but Mr. Adelson already blew a similar sum on a presidential candidate (Gingrich), and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the loss. So another 100 million wasted on a candidate who – if he wins (not really that certain) – doesn’t endorse the letter of the casino millionair’s demands won’t, IMHO, disturb Adelson’s sleep. He’ll just build another casino to finance unsuccesful Republican candidates or “newspapers” handed out for free and treated accordingly…

  4. So, let’s see. Hitler made a deal with the Zionists in 1933 to help create Israel and transfer all of them out of his homeland.

    Between 1939-1945, Hitler then enacted the “Final Solution”.

    Sounds like both of thee options have been tried by the Fuhrer for his successors. Vy reinvent za veel?

  5. Benjamin, I am puzzled about a casino moghul being the biggest funder of the religous settlers, when Halacah forbids gambling. The secular or nationalist atheist rightists I can understand, since they disdain Halacha or don’t even believe in it.

    But the religious settlers do. If they believe in God, then they should know Sheldon’s money funding them, cannot lead to any good. Surely there is a sign there for those who have the vision to see.

    1. Forget what you think you know about Halacha (or any other religious doctrine, for that matter).

      What best defines the religious-right — everywhere — is their adherence to unshakable moral-system which invariably allows whatever they expect to serve their own interest.

    2. Adelson is secular I would guess. That how he can bifurcate his professional life from his Jewish life. Though if he is religious he can also justify promoting gambling by arguing how much “good” he’s able to do as a product of the sin of gambling.

  6. If I remember correctly in the Wikileaks release there was clear evidence of then US Secretary of State Rice discussing the transfer of the Palestinian population to South America. (!) Anybody remember that?

    I think, personally, that the US government has de facto if not de jure agreed to population transfer of Palestinians. Or to put it another way, the US government and the US Secretary of State, under Rice, Clinton, or whoever is next, would do nothing to prevent such a transfer while on-going, and would, I imagine, even publicly defend it as ‘responsible in the circumstances’ and find money to help it.

  7. RE: “…This means that Adelson isn’t just right-wing on Israel, but that he’s a Kahanist… if, God forbid, Mitt Romney becomes president, Sheldon Adelson will have given $100-million or more (my prediction: possibly $200-million) to fund his campaign.” ~ R.S.

    “At This Point, I’d Say Romney Wins in November”, by M.J. Rosenberg, 5/30/12

    (excerpt) . . . I hope I am wrong. And the polls and electoral vote maps say I am. But, as my friend said, “Something just doesn’t feel right.” If I had to predict now, I’d say Romney wins with 30 electoral votes to spare.

    ENTIRE POST – http://mjayrosenberg.com/2012/05/30/at-this-point-id-say-romney-wins-in-november-9-2/

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