4 thoughts on “Gaza and Lebanon: Bibi’s Once and Future Wars – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Arab League drops Hezbollah from ’terrorist’ designation after historic meeting in Beirut, signaling a shift in regional dynamics … united resistance forces 🇮🇷

  2. With just the death toll for Palestinians in Gaza now reaching almost 40,000, mainly children and women, with the help of the IDF deploying half-ton bombs on densely-populated areas in and near Rafah that were made and shipped from the United States with very strong support from the House of Representatives in Congress, it is unlikely any Palestinians will ever return to their homes, which are mainly rubble with bodies buried beneath along the coastal Strip. America’s proposal for an “Arab” peace keeping force will not be accepted by any of the Palestinians in or from Gaza. However, possibly “neutral” military forces from mainly non-Arab nations might be accepted. America and European nations must not support Netanyahu’s forthcoming war against Hezbollah mainly Lebanon, which will only cause another massive genocide while the need for the West to defend Ukraine and Taiwan is a much high priority and necessity its security.

    1. As a Palestinian, I want China and Russia to be part of any peace keeping and rebuilding. America and Europe need to stay out.

  3. … it will be Donald Trump which should sow fear in the hearts of the world

    The military power lies in the North Atlantic world which is committed to the White House and Pentagon. Joe Biden is NATO, NATO is Joe Biden. As I have written since 2004 and 2008 Europe turns to right-wing policy led by the EU in Brussels. Today is clear, Trumpism has conquered Europe. Wilders – Le Pen – Meloni – Orbán (Fidesz ID) or ’Patriots for Europe’. Fascism never left the former Soviet states. See the Netanyahu friends in Europe which includes Poland and Germany. The threat level at US military complexes in Europe has been raised to charlie, second highest. Trump and Rutte are on friendly terms. UK files amicus brief contesting the ICC decision on Palestine and arrest warrants for Netanyahu/Gallant. No end in sight.

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