6 thoughts on “Hezbollah Destroys Israeli Iron Dome Battery – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Ismaele: Unfortunately, we have a long way to go before we get an arms embargo. In my most cynical self I think it would take a Rwanda-sized Israeli genocide in order for the world to intervene and finally put an end to Israel’s decades-long mass slaughter of its neighbors. 40,000 dead isn’t enough to move the world’s conscience.

      1. I think that you need to recognize that one process unfolding along with everything else is that ‘the world’ is becoming less and less synonymous with ‘America.’

        WE are still unmoved — but what we think is rapidly becoming less important to everyone else. How important is it what Brazil thinks? Well, that’ll be us in due course.

        We’re coming to be an island. What the islanders think is no longer what the world thinks. Consider our stature in 1994, and consider it now. We’ll keep supporting Israel, alright — but it will cease to be enough.

  1. Hizbollah hit the rocket launcher which is one part of the battery. Probably the cheapest.
    There are the radars and the main system. The launcher is a magazine for rockers. It rough cost is 50k*16 or just under 1M$ and let’s say another million for the truck and the rest. Still a good bargaiwhen compared to the cost of a rocket but easily replaced.

    1. @Arik: There is a large explosive payload on the Almas. Enough to destroy an entire tank. So chances are it either destroyed or seriously damaged the entire battery. If it had only been damaged the IDF might have released that information. The fact that it has refused to release any statement except a pefunctory one that it knew of none of its Iron Domes damaged, indicates it is attempting to keep this under as low a profile as possible.

      1. Actually missile like that have a very small warhead but it is “shaped charge” so it can penetrate steel easily.
        I would guess the warhead and fuel of the Tamir missile would create a very large explosion.
        Then again, there is no reason to put the radar and brain near since both control several launchers.

        This is defiantly a hizbollah achievement but there is no need to make it more than it actually is.

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