9 thoughts on “Breaking: Netanyahu Lied, Gazans Died: Most Hamas Fighters Now Outside Rafah – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, I am puzzled that you seem to give credence to your security source’s claim that the IDF have killed up to 14,000 of Hamas’s soldiers. If we are to believe that maybe 40,000 Gazans have been killed since October 8 and that some 70% of those (ie some 28,000) are women and children, that would suggest that somehow the IDF have managed not to kill any Gazan men who are not Hamas soldiers. Which seems incredible.

    Besides, reports about the AI algorithms the IDF are using suggest that many of the men they identify as “likely Hamas” are probably nothing of the sort.

    How do we make sense of this? It seems to me that either the IDF are killing far fewer Hamas soldiers than they say they are or that the total number of Gazan dead must be way higher than 40,000.

    1. @Huw: It’s a good question. Euro Med Monitor says there are at least 10,000 missing & presumed dead. That means the number of dead is closer to 45,000. Your number of women/children killed may be an undercount since it probably doesn’t include missing & presumed dead. But it we take your number: 17,000 of the dead are neither women nor children. If there were 16,000 Hamas fighters killed that would leave 1,000 male civilians killed. Clearly more than that number have been killed.

      I’ve done a bit more research. The BBC says Israel’s count of Hamas dead is flawed, since it counts virtually all males over 18 as Hamas. When we know that’s not the case. That would mean that the count of 16,000, even if that is the number of dead adult men, is wrong. Many less Hamas fighters have died than 16,000.

      On Feb. 19th, Hamas released a count of its own dead: 6,000. At that time, there were approximately, 32,000 known dead. Based on a figure of 36,000 total deaths now, that would mean that the Hamas toll today was around. 6,600. When the BBC asked Hamas to confirm the numbers originally published by Reuters it denied them. However, I believe the Reuters figures are credible.

      I checked out Euro Med Monitors last numbers I could find from Dec. 29th. THen there were 30,000 dead and 2,400 fighters killed. Based on 37,000 dead presently, that would raise the number of Hamas dead to 2,700. As you can see, that’s a huge discrepancy with Israel’s count. I would guess that the number of Hamas killed is between Euro Med’s low number and Hamas’ higher number. But certainly much lower than the Israeli count.

    2. Concerted effort by corrupt media to lower the number of Gazans killed through JPost and NY Post.

      Professor Abraham Wyner showed that the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry has been ”faking” casualty numbers, in an article for Tablet Magazine on March 7.

      Supposedly based on WINEP report of 7 January, but that too is a fictional statement. https://www.washingtoninstitute.org/media/7168

      Newest articles writing regurgitated false narrative as “proof” Mr. President was right all along to doubt the numbers produced by the Health Ministry of Hamas terror group.

  2. the reality is that the IDF doesn’t know how many Hamas fighters it has killed. It simply classifies all men it has killed as Hamas. Hamas claims less than 10% of its men have died and I believe it. Netanyahu understood all this very well. His invasion of Rafah is about attacking the civlian population and destroying civilian infrastructure. Nothing more. He is a genocidal monster

  3. Erdogan misspoke ….
    Didn’t mean to say “Hamas,” but meant “Gazans” 😉

    Erdogan says over 1,000 Hamas members being treated in hospitals across Turkey

    Another slap in the face of Biden-Blinken …

    Egypt to join genocide case against Israel at top UN court

    Egypt demands Israel to comply with ICJ’s interim measures for Gaza humanitarian aid, citing “flagrant violation” of international and humanitarian law regarding the protection of civilians during wartime.

    Egypt tired of lies and being used in mediation efforts for a ceasefire …

    Harrison Mann, an army major, explained to his colleagues at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that his November resignation was in fact due to “moral injury” stemming from US support for Israel’s war in Gaza and the harm caused to Palestinians. See published letter.

  4. What a beautiful day to demand responsibility … at last 👏

    Tens of thousands deaths too late … a new Dawn for the Jewish State in relation to its neighbours and the 124 states that are party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

    Statement of ICC Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan KC: Applications for arrest warrants in the situation in the State of Palestine

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