10 thoughts on “Israel: Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. These OCHA incidents are probable crimes of genocide and don’t meet the definition of the crime of apartheid.

    Here’s the short video.

    An urgent needs assessment is under way for dozens of Palestinian herding communities across the Occupied Palestinian Territory after an increase in Israeli settler violence, the UN aid coordination office, OCHA, said today. UNTV CH
    Available Language: English

    The implantation of settlements in occupied Palestinian territories is a probable war crime. The physical destruction of Palestinian herding communities is probable genocide.

    War crimes and genocide are US federal crimes and are far more serious than apartheid, which is not a US federal crime:
    18 U.S. Code § 2441 – War crimes
    18 U.S. Code § 1091 – Genocide.

    Many Zionists under US federal jurisdiction participate in the above primary crimes and should be arrested, indicted, and tried.

    Apartheid is a byproduct of ongoing genocide and not a US federal crime. Why are we not focusing on the primary crimes both of the Zionist state and also of the US Zionist movement?

  2. Why save Israel from itself?

    Let Israel burn.

    Let the Haredi rule, let the Settlers rule, let the Criminals at the top rule, let the world keep on giving Israelis more and more money, more and more weapons, and an unlimited UN veto, then get some popcorn and watch Israel burn.

    If Israelis want to be more like Nazi Germany than the United States, so be it, let them destroy themselves, let them lose everything, let them be defeated and humiliated.

    Israelis will blame the world for their troubles no matter what we do, then they will cry anti-semitism endlessly, and then they will pick up and go somewhere else to do it all over again. After all, they are Chosen, they are the Master Race, they are destined to rule over others, they stand between God and Man, so let them burn again and again until they face the fact that they are not Chosen, that they are not the Master Race, that they can be destroyed, that no God, or US Government will save them, and that they must assimilate like everyone else to save themselves.

    So, let them burn.

    1. They are on a road to more bloodshed and misery and will ultimately self-destruct
      A filthy supremacist and racist state/endeavor/peoples deserve no less
      I’m with you on the popcorn

    2. @ Steve Benassi: While I’m sympathetic to the general ideas in your comment, I don’t believe anyone should “burn.” Jews were burned in the Holocaust. Now Jews burn Palestinians. But that doesn’t mean the Judeo-terrorist arsonists should themselves burn. Life in prison would be more suitable. But more likely they’ll end up prime minister.

      1. I know it is a harsh way of putting things, “let them burn”, and I am surprised you published my comment, but I am playing the Devil’s Advocate.

        The world may burn or suffer in a Nuclear Holocaust if the Middle East conflict gets to the point where Israel uses nuclear weapons, the Samson Option, to try to save themselves from thousands of conventional missiles raining down on them.

        So, why save Israel from itself? We are at the point where Israel must be contained, and only the United States can do that. I don’t want anyone to burn, I want the world to stop Israel from destroying the world.

        The Doomsday Clock is at 90 seconds to midnight.

  3. “Elisha Yered, who smiled ear to ear ”
    If the psychology text books need an photo example of duper’s delight, this is it.

  4. JCPA Robert Kennedy’s 1948 Reports from Palestine

    In April 1948, one month before Israel declared independence, Robert Kennedy, then 22, traveled to Palestine to report on the conflict for the Boston Post. His four dispatches from the scene were published in June 1948. The newspaper closed in 1956, and for decades the reports were virtually forgotten.

    A few entries about the Stern gang and Haganah terror. Uncompromising, deemed heroes … Ben-Zion Netanyahu .

    Birth pangs of the Jewish State of Israel and the seeds of its very destruction.

  5. My father had a friend – the mayor (Muchtar) of the Arab village Ein Karem, near Jerusalem. I still remember going there by bus. One day, so my father told me, the Muchtar said to him: My dear Wolloch, when we’ll kill all the Jews I shall protect you and your family.
    During the independence war all the Arabs of Ein Karem fled (or expelled).
    I never shed a tear.

    1. @Amatzia: Not only are you a racist and ethnic cleanser you exemplify why Israel is hated so widely. Not to mention that a second-hand anecdote with no independent confirmation amounts to nothing. I can’t imagine a Muhtar saying any such thing.

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