7 thoughts on “Israeli Convicted Terrorist is Key Advisor to Police Minister, Ben Gvir – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Israeli presidents have bestowed such undeserved mercy on numerous convicted Jewish terrorists ”

    And Israel has bestowed undeserved mercy on numerous convicted Palestinian terrorists.


    Hamas, on the other hand, cynically keeps two innocent Israelis captive while holding onto the body parts of two dead IDF soldiers.

    1. @ Jay: Nonsense. A prisoner exchange of is not an expression of mercy. And you know it. You’re arguing in bad faith. It is simply a transaction by two countries or parties exchanging captives. An exchange each party has determined is in its interests. And you know that too. If you don’t, you’re a fool.

      And the claim about Hamas is a lie. It is Israel that has refused any negotiation with Hamas. It is Israel which cynically shows these two Israelis no mercy. Because it has none. Even for its own citizens.

    2. “Israeli presidents have bestowed such undeserved mercy on numerous convicted Jewish terrorists ”
      And Palestinian minors who gang raped a Polish tourist at knifepoint were released by the PA after only six months in jail.


      Israel grants undeserved mercy on Jewish minors, and it’s bad.
      Palestine Authority grants undeserved mercy on Palestinian minors, and it’s……?

      1. @Kenny Gee: Youre comparing apples to oranges. The Palestinian case was criminal and involved a rape charge, not a security charge as all the Israeli cases were. Besides, what the PA does is irrelevant to what Israel does. Stay on topic. Do not stray from it in your comments. The topic in this post is Israel. Posting off topic is not permitted.

  2. The two Israeli prisoners Hamas holds never committed a crime or an act of terror, nor were they combatants.

    They are two emotionally disturbed individuals who crossed into Hamastan year ago and who Hamas refuses to repatriate. That is cynical and cruel in the extreme.

    I also want to know why you are using multiple IP addresses to comment here. I only permit this under certain limited circumstances.

    1. @ Jay: It doesn’t matter who or what they are. They are Israeli and should have value to Israeli leaders. But they don’t. Otherwise, Israel would have negotiated as it has in the past. Do not ever use the term “Hamastan” here. Commenters must call countries, peoples and movements by their proper terms. Not by derogatory ones as you have. If you do this again, I will ban you.

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