10 thoughts on “Ben Gvir Aide: Netanyahu Government is Precursor to “Davidic Monarchy” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Next year in Jerusalem. This one was a hard one to swallow. It does seem like fiction. After seeing that poor lamb going to the slaughter, I did not want to read the awful rest. We do hide in our own isolated pods…Covid added to it.. Those goose-stepping blackshirts are awkward; they seem like newbies pretending but they’ll get good as this horror show goes on.

    We, the world, are suffering wholesale a belated reaction to the turning of this new millennium with catastrophic climate change looming for our children and grandchildren as the deadly wars and circuses continue.
    Happy Passover…a time for reflection.

  2. There have always been whack jobs in the Holy Land, and some have held power.

    But let’s not lose sight of the fact that the people of Israel have the real power and they’ve come out in the hundreds of thousands and protested against Bibi, Ben Gvir and the Reforms.

    Power to the people, right on!

    1. @ Jay: No, you see that’s the problem with hasbarists like you. The most violent, dangerous, homicidal elements of Israeli society. The messianists inciting religious holy war. They’re whack jobs, aberrant, don’t represent Israel. That’s bulls*. They run the country.

      Fleisher is a whack job? Press spokesperson for the Israeli police minister? A whack job? For decades Israel underestimated the power of Kahane and Kahanism just like Weimar treated Hitler like a whack job until it was too late. I’m afraid now that it’s too late. Whether or not Bibi stays or falls, Israel is politically dysfunctional. A bad situation will eventually only get worse.

  3. “In what universe can a girl inflict injury on a 900 lb 8 ft tall horse, 2 justify trampling & beating her mercilessly w a baton. It’s takes 2 of these thugs 2 beat a girl. Brave heroes ”

    Bollocks, Richard.
    I don’t see the mounted police beating. or trampling anybody with their horses. Neither the girl protestor nor her boyfriend are knocked down and the police never touched, much less swung, their batons.

    At what frame to you see this happening?

    Small wonder you and I can’t seem to agree.

    1. @ Pamela: You’re a heartless and cruel brute. There are at least 3 different videos on Israeli Twitter clearly showing a mounted policeman beating her. Scores of bystanders shout repeatedly, Busha! She ended up in a wheelchair in the hospital with pictures and an interview with her to prove it. You’re a cruel cold-hearted person. This is a 13 year old Israeli girl and you excuse the brutal assault against her?

      This article says the girl was beaten. And this video offers a different angle, but portrays the same event.

      I expect you now to say your comment was wrong. If you do not, you will no longer be welcome here. And do not even think about blaming me for not embedding the video that displays the beating more brutally. It is widely available both on Twitter and Israeli media. Anyone following either would have access to this.

      1. You posted the wrong video, and I’m an idiot?

        I did search and find the proper video which does show the mounted policeman beating the little girl. That policeman should be thrown off the police force without delay

        That said. Allowing a 13 year old girl to attend a protest without a suitable guardian is bad parenting.
        I feel for the child and I emphasize, that the policeman should be fired from his job.

        1. Description by Richard is correct and he always acts in good faith. Many of the hasbarists come here to post disinformation or just well programmed lies.

          1. To clarlfy the point, the mounted policeman struck her with his lariat whip, not baton. The protestor never strikes his horse.

        2. @ Pamela:

          You posted the wrong video, and I’m an idiot?

          I did not post the “wrong video.” There is no “wrong video.” There are three videos portraying graphic violence from different angles.

          You only searched for the other video after I told you to. And btw, I posted that video here. Something you should have been able to do yourself.

          I told you NOT to blame me for posting a video, which you just did. I told you to admit you were wrong, which you did not do. I was going to ban you. But instead you will be moderated. Your comments will be approved at my discretion.

          Allowing a 13-year-old girl to attend a protest without a suitable guardian is bad parenting

          Wrong again. The man next to her is her older brother, an adult AND a journalist. He was the one who first tweeted.

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