10 thoughts on “IDF Soldier Who Brutalized Palestinian Activist, Jailed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard. Has there ever been a case where two Peoples, with different cultures, languages, histories and religions, suddenly stopped warring against each other and began working together to form a vital, liberal democracy?
    I’m hard pressed to come up with an example. Can you or your readers?

    BTW. Why have I been singled out and limited to one comment? Because I disagree with you on a few issues? I actually agree with you on many issues, but you’ve limited my speech nonetheless.

    1. @Jay: In almost every category you listed, Israelis and Palestinians have a huge amount in common. Proof of this lies in the fact that for centuries Jews and Muslims got along fine in Palestine. In fact, there was a BBC documentary I posted about here which suggested that Palestinian Muslims were originally Jews who converted to Islam over the centuries. Even if it’s not true, it still indicates a great deal of affinity.

      It was only Zionism and the influx of millions of Jews from Europe and elsewhere which sundered that prior relationship. Ideology and nationalist triumphalism is what killed the possibility of co-existence. And if ideology (Zionism) ever stopped being such a barrier, the two peoples would have enormous commonalities.

      As to your question: it is almost nonsensical. There are scores, if not hundreds of examples of countries at war with each other for years, decades, even centuries who are now at peace. There are examples too of countries with multiple ethnic or religious factions which warred against each other; but now co-exist peacefully. Then again, there are example of countries in which those groups have lived together in peace for decades only to go to war against each other. And in each of those cases it was ideology, hatred, and racism which drove them apart. Sounds an awful lot like Israel to me. The fact that you would even ask this question means you have no idea about world history.

      Why have I been singled out and limited to one comment

      Do NOT ask me to explain my editorial decisions. You have not been singled out. Many commenters have such a limitation. I’d prefer writing blog posts than answering every quibble & quarrel raised by the hasbara crowd. That explains the limit. I just have better things to do with my time. A single comment is more than enough space to get your point across, raise objections, etc.

      I actually agree with you on many issues

      You do not agree with me on any issues. Nor have you ever said you did or offered any examples in which you did. At any rate, by your comments shall you be known.

  2. Richard said: “Jews and Muslims got along fine in Palestine. ”

    Not true. The harsh treatment of Samaritan Jews led to their mass conversion to Islam. See, New Evidence Relating to the Process of Islamization in Palestine in the Early Muslim Period: The Case of Samaria. Milka Levy-Rubin, Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, Vol. 43, No. 3 (2000), pp. 257-276.
    And, if he’s not been blackballed, also see, Bernard Lewis, The Jews of Islam. Princeton U. Press.

    1. @ Punch Drunk: I have no idea whether the article you offer actually says what you claim. Nor whether the author is a credible historian. Given your overt Islamophobia I would question any source you provided. Regardless, the BBC documentary suggested that conversion of Palestinian Jews happened long before the Ottoman period. Your anti-Muslim bias is duly noted. BTW always cite links to whatever sources you offer. I am not about to go hunting through the entire internt & online journals to find the sources you cite.

      As for Bernard Lewis, sorry a totally tarnished figure. Perfect example of academic orientalism.

  3. [comment deleted: I told you you were entitled to a single comment in any thread. You’ve ignored me. You are now moderated. I will approve one comment by you per thread.]

    1. @ Pamela: The idea of a European scholar collecting Palestinian folklore traditions and interpreting them on behalf of the Palestinians themselves reeks of Orientalism.

      Pls do not publish more than a single comment in any individual thread.

  4. “Jews and Muslims got along fine in Palestine.”

    A word search of the folklore collection, supra, shows that Jews in Palestinian folklore are not portrayed positively. They clearly hold second-class citizenship, and at best, live precariously, and at worst, are victims of violence, blood libels and abuse.

  5. Firstly, J.E. Hanauer was not a European scholar, but a native Palestinian who lived all his eighty years in Ottoman Jerusalem.
    Secondly, only a handful of the folklore tales Hanauer collected relate to, or even mention Jews, so word searching is the most sensible way to isolate the relevant folklore tales.

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