5 thoughts on “Shin Bet Agents Brandish Weapons at Palesinian protesters – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. First, it’s the Humboldt Three, not Heidelberg, and as you can see in this video, Barkan and Sinai said their piece and the two of were gently removed from the auditorium. The third protestor, after saying his piece, left the room on his own accord.
    As far as the Spanish video goes, no one was hurt, and that’s because the security detail was professional and disciplined.

    1. @ Jay: “Gently removed?” Ronnie was physicaly gagged twice by German police. Not to mention being arrested and charged with a criminal offense is not “gentle.” Quite the oppsite. When the full force of the state attempts to prosecute you, trust me, that ain’t gentle.

      the security detail was professional and disciplined.

      What do you take us for? Idiots? Maybe in Israel or wherever you come from brandishing a gun and threatening to shoot someone engaged in peaceful (if noisy) protest is acceptable behavior. But where I live it’s a criminal offense. Not shooting someone while raging in a hallway with gun drawn someone is not “professional and disciplined.” It is reckless and impermissible. SO don’t peddle hasbabullshit here. I won’t have it.

  2. Any gever gever will tell you that if you are armed, and about to be surrounded by an angry mob, you MUST remove your weapon from it’s holster and assume a defensive position. The unholstered firearm isn’t meant to threaten or even deter. You take it out of the holster in order to have control over it. You can’t risk struggling with someone over possession of a holstered firearm.

    1. @Punchdrunk: The Shin Bet gunman waded into the crowd with gun drawn. It was drawn before he entered the hallway. Other security guards in the same location were armed and none drew there weapons. They assumed a defensive physical position and succeeded in fending off the crowd. The gun didn’t do a single thing. It served no purpose whatsoever, except to nearly murder someone.

      you MUST remove your weapon

      There is no “must” in this situation. If you are an intlligence agent in a foreign country, best not draw your weapon and threaten a citizen. That will draw the ire of the local government and cause extreme embarrassment to your country. These are different rules than you abide by. But we’re here in the real world and not in some Israeli version of Ramboland.

      The unholstered firearm isn’t meant to threaten

      Don’t be an idiot. Even a semi-sentient being knows what a gun means when they see it. It’s a threat to life and limb. Why don’t you tell Black Americans who every day see cops draw guns on them and shoot a decent number of them that?? They’ll laugh in your face if they don’t take a swing at you first.

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