16 thoughts on “Judeo-Fascist Coalition Affirms ‘Inalienable Right’ of Jewish People to ‘All the Land of Israel’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Republicans coddled Senator Joseph McCarthy, and look what happened.
    Eisenhower could have nipped it in the bud, but Ike was weak and temporized.

    The Republicans coddled Donald Trump, and look what happened.
    The Republicans could have nipped it in the bud and voted to impeach Trump, but they were weak, and refused.

    Bibi and the Likud are coddling Ben Gvir, etal, and things will end badly for Israel.

    ​“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”–Santayana

    1. @ Top Cat:

      Republicans coddled Senator Joseph McCarthy

      Joe McCarthy never murdered anyone. He never firebombed anyone’s home. He was never arrested with a bomb in his car. He never advocated destroying a holy site. He never attempted to build a church on the site of a mosque. He never advocated ethnic cleansing.

      Eisenhower could have nipped it in the bud, but Ike was weak and temporized.


      Far from appeasing McCarthy, as his critics asserted at the time, Eisenhower played a major role in effecting his fellow Republican’s downfall.

      Eisenhower didn’t step in as early as he should have. But after he did, McCarthy’s power evaporated and he died shortly after.

      Republicans coddled Donald Trump, and look what happened.
      The Republicans could have nipped it in the bud and voted to impeach Trump, but they were weak, and refused.

      As for Trump, Thank God we didn’t need to rely on Repugnicans to do the right thing. Democrats did it for them. We voted him out of office and he will never hold office again. That’s because our democracy works. Imperfectly, but it works. Israel isn’t even a democracy. And pretty soon it will be the same type of theocracy Iran is. But even if it was a democracy, it would be a failed democracy.

      We only had 4 yrs of Trump. You’ve had 20 yrs of Bibi and 50 years of far right governments. The problem isn’t merely a Ben Gvir or Smotrich; or even a Bibi for that matter. They are a symptom of far greater rot and dysfunction. Even if you get rid of all of them, the country will still be a mess because its flaws are systemic.

      This comment is off-topic. Do not engage in whataboutism. The only subject relevant here is Israel and issues directly related to it. You’ve been warned about this before. I won’t warn you again.

      Don’t offer quotations. You want to sound smart and offer profound lessons. You aren’t. And you don’t. And they serve no useful purpose.

        1. @ Bertrand: If you’d bothered to watch the Uvadah show in which one of his closest dicsiples (former) speaks very clearly about the role Ben Gvir plays in virtually all acts of terrorism, including murder. He is the Meir Kahane of the Judeo-terrorists. YOu should watch it. It might be instructive. I wrote an entire post about it in the past few weeks. You must’ve missed it.

          Smotrich was arrested with a bomb in is car which he planned to detonate himself or transport to a co-conspirator to do so. He was jailed for 3 weeks. That too, I’ve written about here in the past few weeks. Must’ve missed that too. You need to do a better job of keeping up with me.

  2. We really need to stop our unconditional support of Israel.We pay for it internationally. What goes on inside Israel, as distasteful as it has been and will surely become if this government proceeds with its goals, will be up to Israeli’s to change if they care. The Israeli public can be, or are, already as subdued as Russians are regarding Ukraine. Many Israeli’s are in fact Russian and Ukrainian.They know authoritarian rule.They may be okay with it and the repercussions being so traumatized as to buy into fears and the right to claim ancient lands.
    The weaker Palestinians have no choice but to surrender or to shoot rockets and resort to attacks, asymmetrical warfare.But we should stop calling Palestinian uprisings terrorism; Consequent “Mowing the lawn” should not have us shrugging it off after a few phrases.
    A Biden with balls would get out there and give a speech changing policy towards Israel. Our policy of exceptionalism towards Israel has not helped us internationally.Come what may American Jews can decide if they want to support what Israel has become.
    Happy New Year.

  3. [comment deleted: comments must be directly related to the subject of the post. If you comment here in future do not stray from that subject.]

    1. I directly addressed a comment you made in the post. I even highlighted it. Please post it. I want a discussion with the others here about it.

      1. @ Tamanna: No you didn’t. My post, almost all my posts, are about ISRAEL. As is this post. Confine your comments directly to that topic.

        Further, when I make a decision don’t complain about it. It will only get you moderated or banned faster.

  4. Here is something I.F. Stone wrote years ago. from “The Holy War” in the NYRB August 1967:

    “In the outside world the welfare of Jewry depends on the maintenance of secular, non-racial, pluralistic societies. In Israel, Jewry finds itself defending a society in which mixed marriages cannot be legalized, in which non-Jews have a lesser status than Jews, and in which the ideal is racial and exclusionist. Jews must fight elsewhere for their very security and existence—against principles and practices they find themselves defending in Israel. Those from the outside world, even in their moments of greatest enthusiasm amid Israel’s accomplishments, feel twinges of claustrophobia, not just geographical but spiritual. Those caught up in Prophetic fervor soon begin to feel that the light they hoped to see out of Zion is only that of another narrow nationalism.”

    1. The mixed marriage thing is not ‘racial’ a convert to Judaism in the diaspora can make aliya and also marry an Israel. If an Israeli non Jews converts to Judaism they can marry a Jewish Israeli. It is a religious thing, not a racial one.

      Have you noticed that not one Palestinian has ever complained about this? They are happy that Israeli law doesn’t allow Palestinian muslim women to marry a Jew.

      In most Muslim countries women cannot marry non Muslims unless they convert. Same for men, they can only marry book women unless they convert.

      Why should this be held against Israel?

      I am in secular England. My religion does not allow me to marry a non Muslim. Nobody in England is insisting i marry a non Muslim, the way you are insisting Israeli Jews should.

      1. @ Tamanna: First, this post has no reference to marriage. Comments MUST respond directly to the post. Yours is off topic.

        But since you raised issues worth refuting here goes: miscegenation (race mixing) is indeed a “racial” thing. Judeo-fascists have the same obsession with blood purity that Nazis and southern Whites did. Lehava is a group dedicated almost solely to fighting race mixing between Jews and “Arabs” (Muslim and Christian Palestinians). While it may claim that it does this for religious reasons, there is nothing in halacha that calls for hostility or violence against non-Jews. That is a prime tactics used by these fanatics.

        You clearly know nothing about Israeli law. It does NOT prohibit Muslims from marrying Jews. In fact, there are many such marriages. Though of course they face the hostility, threats and intimidation of Judeo-Taliban like Lehava.

        In most Muslim countries women cannot marry non Muslims unless they convert. Same for men, they can only marry book women unless they convert.

        There are millions of Muslims around the world married to non-Muslims. So this claim as well does not stand.

        My religion does not allow me to marry a non Muslim

        You have no idea what Islam allows or forbids. Just as in halacha there is no specific prohibition against marrying non-Jews (though this is a custom followed until the Englightenment and after), Islam does not prevent it either. Of course, many Muslims and Jews strongly prefer and urge their children to marry within their respective religions. But it is not a requirement under religious law.

        Nobody in England is insisting i marry a non Muslim, the way you are insisting Israeli Jews should.

        Not only have I not dealt with marriage prohibition in this post, I never said what you claim. I have never said, nor do I believe, that Jews “should marry” Muslims. I don’t care who Israeli Jews marry. They can marry extra-terrestrials as far as I care.

        Though you claim you are Muslim. Clearly, you are not. If you were, you would have a much better grasp of Islamic law. I do not permit commenters to assume false identities.

        1. I am a Muslim, but an Israel supporting one. Khaled Abu Toameh would disagree with much of what you write here, so a Muslim who does not agree with your views is not lying about their ID.

          And Islamic law doesn’t allow women to marry non Muslims. Muslim men can marry Jewish and Christian women, but women cannot, unless the Jewor Christian man converts.

          I went to Islamic madrassas as a kid, so yes, I know traditional Islam. Where do you get the idea that Muslim women marry non Muslims?

          Please point to a majority following imam, in a Musllim country that allows that. Even a secular Muslim country. There are none. What you describe only happens in secular societies and the marriages are not valid under Sharia.

          There are no millions of Muslim women marrying non Muslims.

          I apologise for going off topic, didn’t mean to even write this, just wanted to inform you. Thank you.

          1. @ Tamanna: THere are no “Israel-supporting” Muslims. Unless they are paid apparachiks with something material to gain for their trouble. Khaled abu Toameh is beloved by pro-Israel Jews. But hated by Muslims. In fact, I very much doubt he is a practicing Muslim.

            I went to Islamic madrassas as a kid, so yes, I know traditional Islam

            You are not a kid obviously. Whatever you did as a child has nothing to do with who you are today or what you know about Islam. A Jew who attends Hebrew school as a child doesn’t pretend that he knows “traditional Judaism.” Clearly s/he doesn’t.

            As for Muslim women marrying non-Muslims, it isn’t my idea. It is a fact:

            Today, nearly 40% of Muslim women marry outside of their faith and most of them without conversion.

            As for whether imams allow such marriage, this is hardly relevant. What matters is only what Muslims do in the real world. Muslim women marry non-Muslim men. It doesn’t mean they are no longer Muslim nor that they have renounced their religion. It is simply the reality, a Muslim reality, whether you or any particular imam accepts it or not. But since you brought up the subject, there are experts in Islamic law who say not only is such marriage NOT prohibited in the Quran (though later Islamic sources have decreed this as a prohibition), the traditional view itself has become archaic and problematic. This view is here and quotes two Islamic scholars. Here is one:

            Dr. Abou El Fadl is an example of a scholar who has openly and candidly addressed the issue of Muslim women marrying “men of the Book.” In his response he explains his dislike of the issue…He describes the traditional thought and then goes on to mention that he…finds the evidence regarding the prohibition to be weak and does not feel comfortable telling a woman she cannot marry a kitabiyya

            In fact, we have the same issue in Jewish life. Over half of Jews marry non-Jews. Rabbis do not like it. Orthodox rabbis will not perform such marrieages. Communal leaders as well oppose it. But most Jews rabbis, communal leaders understand that it happens and they have to live with it. They don’t run such people out of Judaism, ostracize them or say they aren’t Jewish. They don’t refuse to recognize the marriage (except some Orthodox Jews, who are in the minority).

            Islam too will have to deal with the matter in the same way. Otherwise, those 40% of women will leave Islam altogether. Only the most fantatical fundamentalist would be content with such an outcome.

            You may not publish more than one comment in any thread. You have published three in this thread. Restrict yourself to a single comment if you do this in future.

          2. I am a Muslim father of a Muslim woman who has married (with my blessing) a Jew who was not asked to embrace Islam. The marriage ceremonies were done by a Rabbi, an Imam and a Pastor, each marrying them in their own tradition. I know LOTS of Imams who have married Muslim men and women, with non-Muslims.

            Going to a Madressa does not make one a proper Muslim. In fact, if the mullahs are like the run of the mill, narrow-minded and intolerant mullahs, all that is taught is narrow-mindedness and intolerance.

            majority following imam“? Does that mean you would only recognize a Sunni Imam as a genuine Imam? I assume you are aware that in the Quran, God says HE will decide who is a true, good person, a true person who submits to the will of one God, not humans. If a person has studied the Quran and preaches it, then he surely is an Imam, regardless of whether you approve or not.

            And Islamic law doesn’t allow women to marry non-Muslims…“. I presume you have found such a prohibition in the Quran? If so, please enlighten us, Richard might allow one more post with this information.

      2. There is absolutely no prohibition against a Muslim marrying someone who is not on, NONE. Certainly, there may be personal or tribal preferences but that is not to be reflected on Islam.

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