15 thoughts on “Bennett Gets a Bullet – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Off Pitch: Nope, sorry. Anyone seeking to Assassinate a prime minister is not a lone-wolf. Nor a nut job. Yigal Amir was neither. He was a product of the far-right religious messianist movement that hated Rabin so much they were willing to kill him.

      It’s quite possible there is a similar political movement engendering the same type of hate against Bennett.

        1. @ Becky: Wrong. In fact, the author of the death threat represents hundreds of thousands of her fellow Israeli Jews. Much of Likud and almost the entire ultra-nationalis settler sect agree with her and would cheer her on. The hundreds of Elad yeshiva students chanting for Bennett’s blood agree with her. The tens of thousands of thugs who roamed Israeli streets last May hunting for Israeli Palestinians are not “lone nut jobs.” Your problem is you refuse to recognize the sickness at the heart of Israeli Jewish society.

          Nor is there anything in the article you linked to confirming she either she was a “nut job” or only represented herself and had no moral support from the rest of the Israeli Jewish populace.

    1. @sharbul:, I’m curious: why does Isrsel need a cheering section? There is far more wrong with Israel than there is right. So why should i sing its praises? If you want praise, there are thousands of sites where you can hear the praises of Israel sung to the high heavens. I suggest that may be a more conducive place for you

      1. I asked you a personal question about your blog, and you dismiss me and send me away. I guess that’s as good an answer as I will get (and it speaks volumes).

        1. @,Sharvul: “Personal question” my ass. You asked a provocative, leading question about my blog. You suggested the fact that I don’t engage in Happy talk about Israel indicated I was insufficiently positive. I guess yr question speaks volumes about your purpose here as cheerleader for a Lost Cause.

          1. @ Sharvul: You’re nothing but banned. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

            Oh, and before you go, since you’ve challenged me about wring something that “praised Israel”… When have you written anything praising Palestine? Just sayin’. Two can play at this game.

  1. Israel has a lunatic fringe, same as in every developed country.

    America’s lunatic fringe elected a President in 2016.

    1. @Becky: Except that your lunatics run the asylum and have for 50 yrs. We had one lunatic for 4 yrs. Obama preceded him and Biden followed. You should only have such leaders. But you didn’t. You had kleptocrats and wannabe dictators who run a terror state.

        1. @ Eli Gal: Unlike you we have distinct Separation of Powers. Even if the GOP lunatics in Congress take over, we still have a president who is not a lunatic. You have an entire Knesset full of lunatics and have had right wing extremists running the country almost continuously since 1977. That’s not remotely the case here.

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