9 thoughts on “Online Panel: Islamophobia and Muslim-Jewish Relations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No surprise Richard, we both knew this was going on … we didn’t know the full amount.

    After 9/11 the likes of Ariel Sharon and בנימין נתניהו equated the Palestinian cause to Al Qaeda terror … kept beating the drum to degenerate the Palestinian people … the book Clash of Civilizations set the narrative … a self-fulfilling prophecy of Islamophobia took hold. A number of extreme rightwing politicians in the UK and Dutch Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders received these funds. Creating chaos in Iraq, Libya and Syria resulted in a flow of refugees into Europe. This divided EU states and led to rightwing populist politicians exploiting the theme of xenophobia … a move which directly led to a Brexit triumph (UKIP).

    Before the Iraq invasion, the White House was emphatically warned by Arab leaders,  an attack on Iraq would open Pandora’s box. More often history is made based on erroneous decisions.

  2. Islamophobia and judaism have been intertwined for millenia. As long as it stays as part if halacha none will change. All ism s start at the head as it is a tool of power. Let it be clear no one should be allowed the ignorance dedense. Again fish stink from the head this is no difference. Unless dictated from head dont expwct changes

    1. forgot to mention that islamophobia and christianism were also intertwined. just as the roman put the christians into the circus with lions so did the christians to anyone not them back in spain.
      again we all split the hairs in millions not willing to put force to the heads of religions to change.
      we talk islamophobia, lets push this to extremes , such as anyone not them, in afghanistan/pakistan/ or for that matter india nowaday and their not buddhists.
      to our sorrow the world is running back to commit the same errors fram back way back then
      short of france and ireland were religion was ripped out of gov, religion and its mandates are striving to erase democracies , yes even in beautiful u.s of a

  3. First of all, you didn’t examine the causes of why Jewish groups fund Islamophobia. It is because the mainly Muslim Arab (and others like Malaysia, Brunei, Pakistan) do not recognise Israel.

    You living safely in the USA can say what you want. But if you were surrounded by unfriendly countries seeking to destroy you, then you would feel the same.

    Second, I don’t agree that the Arab Israel Abraham Accords is not a true friendship or that it will not last. I have an advertising agency office in the UAE, and my father had shops there. I have lived in Dubai, Al-ain and Fujairah. The native UAE are genuinely warm towards Israel, but there are a lot of Arabs and Muslims of Iranian, Pakistani and Lebanese/Syrian descent who oppose them. But these people are not native and in the politics of the UAE their opinions do not count.

    The native UAE people are trying to diversify their economy and want to be like Israel. A start up nation. Even the UK, is courting Israel for its prowess in military, tech and medical innovations. This is what the UAE wants. To lessen reliance on oil. It is also why my native country has a good relations with Israel. I plan to open an office in Tel Aviv in a few months.

    1. @ Nandini: This is a fairly subtle, but ultimately unsuccessful attempt at hasbara, Right wing Jewish group promote Islamophobia because they hate and mistrust Muslims int general and Palestinians in particular. Far off Muslim countries like those you named don’t amount to a gnat on an elephant’s ass as far as people like Pipes are concerned. Unless of course there’s money to be made as there is with Hindutva groups and UAE. You, of course have vested financial interest given your are a native of UAE. That renders your point of view biased and lacking credibility.

      I’ll tell you what does count: money. You and your fellow UAE business class stand to earn tons of it if commerce with Israel expands. You come here and think anything you say will have any resonance? What do you take us for?

      I am Jew. So don’t tell me who I or Israel should be concerned about. I know far more about Israeli STRATEGIC INTERESTS and issue of Jewish security than you ever will.

      Israel, a start up nation? Like yours it’s only “start up” quality is repression, militarization, intrusion upon individual rights. Congratulations, you’ve got the friend you deserve.

  4. [comment deleted: anti-Semitism along with speculative nonsense about the origin of Jews is not permitted here]

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