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    1. That reminds me of another monster, Steven Plaut, who was in the same rancid category as Lange. When Chomsky student, Tanya Reinhardt, died of cancer, Plaut celebrated with the Wizard of Oz song, “Ding dong the witch is dead.” Later, Plaut himself died of cancer. What goes around comes around. To turn the old Jewish saying on its head: there is a judge and there is justice!

      Lange is a particularly odious form of humanity.

  1. <i>’The attacks on CAIR are part of a campaign to silence criticism of Israel in the US.'</i>

    It’s certainly been an effective campaign. If one has any aspirations to be in the mainstream at all, one never says anything critical about Israel. About the most one can hope for is a failure to praise it.

  2. It’s comic surveying the titles of the various Islamophobic/pro-Israel groups.

    ‘Freedom,’ ‘Freedom,’ ‘Defense of Democracies,’ ‘Freedom,”Truth,’ ‘Investigative Project on Terrorism,’ ‘Freedom,’ ‘Americans for Peace and Tolerance.’

    Now aren’t we all for freedom? Who could possibly be against peace and tolerance?

  3. Jews are the biggest donors to charity in the USA.

    It stands to reason that some of the biggest donors to all causes will be Jews. This is not news, it is mere propaganda. Case in point: Even if you study the list of ‘islamophobe’ funders, the biggest funders are not Jewish but Christian Republicans.

    1. @ Tiff: This is a nonsense deflection. Jews give the same amount to charity that non-Jews do. They tend to give to a narrower set of charities than non-Jews. But they are no more or less generous than the rest of Americans. Yes, we have many billionaires whose giving gets a lot of attention. And American Jews tend to be wealthy than the average. But there are also many poor or elderly Jews who cannot give.

      In 2017, Jews gave $9-billion to charity, while the overall giving for all Americans was $410-billion. That puts Jewish giving at 2% of overall giving, precisely the same percentage as the number of Jews in America.

      Do not published more than one comment at a time in the same thread.

  4. The Koch brothers are not Jewish, and they are some of the biggest funders of ‘islamophobia’.

    It should not be a crime to criticise a religion. Christianity is always attacked, Jesus is called all sorts of names, yet no Christian cries ‘Chrsitianphobia’.

    1. @ Tiff: As usual, you are off the mark:

      Charles Koch does not typically fund organizations that focus their work on explicitly anti-Muslim or anti-LGBTQ efforts.

      The best you can say is that the Kochs support GOP pols who themselves are Islamophobic. But there may be many other reasons that they support them having nothing to do with hatred of Islam.

      Further, there is no way to tell how much they donate because they give through Donors Trust, which is a financial vehicle allowing donors to maintain anonymity. SO we only know how much overall Donors Trust gives on behalf of Islamophobia. There is no way to isolate the Koch giving within that number.

      Between 2014-2018 Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund gave $18-million in support of Islamophobia. That’s about $3.2-million per year. Again, no way of knowing how much of that is from Koch. And that overall number over a 5-year period is far less than the $21-million which Jewish foundations and communal funds gave for that purpose during the 3-year 2017-2019 period.

      Again, you’re trying to deflect from the wealthy Jews who support this odious hateful campaign. Quite pitiful if you ask me.

  5. Zahra Billos’s focus on Jews to the exclusion of everyone else who is funding anti Muslim hate, does smack of anti-Semitism. Why didn’t she point to the religious credentials of those on the list who are not Jewish? There are many Christians who fund and propagate the said islamophobia. Walid Phares and Brigette Gabriel are Christians. Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer is a Christian. Frank Gaffney is a Catholic Christian. 
    Time reports :


    CAIR’s research found that the charity group Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism Inc. donated more to special interest groups CAIR identified as Islamophobic than other charities did by a significant margin—the donations were close to $20 million annually between 2017 and 2019. Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism did not respond to a request for comment.

    1. @ Anupam: Utter nonsense. Zahra Billoo is an American Muslim. All Muslims care deeply about Palestine. She is no different. Should she care about the Vatican or France of Germany as much as Palestine? That’s utterly foolish. I am a Jew. I care about Israel. Do I have to care equally about Egypt or Japan?

      Why didn’t she point to the religious credentials of those on the list who are not Jewish?

      Nor did Billoo write this report. She did not refer to it. I did. So making her responsible for it as if she did, is either ignorant or bad faith or both.

      As a Jew, I am far less interested in non-Jews who are Islamophobic. There are many non-Jews who do care about them and I salute them for it. But my job is to focus on my religion and its impact on Muslims.

      Yes, News flash! Christians donate to Islamophobia. But the Christian group gave $20-million while the Jewish foundations gave more ($21-million) over the same period. And there are a s*load more Christians in this country than Jews.

      I wonder why an Indian Hindu with a Staten Island IP address is shilling for right-wing Islamophobes? Gee, it couldn’t have anything to do with Hindutva, could it?

      1. @Richard

         All Muslims care deeply about Palestine.

        And why is that?
        Because Israel is oppressing the Palestinians (many of whom are Christian)?

        I don’t see so Muslims expressing great concern over the oppression of the Uighurs in China or the genocidal treatment of the Rohingya of Myanmar. In fact, I see the Islamic Republic of Iran playing footsie with China, while Uighurs languish in Communist Chinese concentration camps.

        Maybe Richard can explain this apparent contradiction, and while he’s at it, explain why Gulf States have embraced the Abraham Accords and normalization with the State of Israel.

        I can accept that all Muslims care about the Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem, but Palestine?
        It looks to me like Hamas and IJ leadership doesn’t even care so much about Palestine.


        1. @ Sasha: Don’t be a dope. Why do Muslims care about Palestine? Why do Jews care about Israel?

          If you don’t see Muslim protesting the treatment of Uighurs you are deaf, dumb and blind. There is huge support for the Uighurs and consternation among Muslims about China’s policy. Enes Kanter yesterday made a strong statement attacking China. He’s a major NBA star (and Muslim). The same with the Rohynga. I suggest that you don’t know anything about Muslims, if you’d say these things.

          Iran has its own interests and does not represent all of Islam. Iran is under a global siege. If you were in Iran’s shoes you’d look for Allies where ever you could find them. Survival of the state is more important than moral niceties (at least in Iranian eyes).

          You can see why Muslims care about Jerusalem, but not why they care about Palestine. Where do you think Palestine is? Up in the air? In Timbuktu? It’s Jerusalem, it’s the Judean desert, it’s Nazareth It’s wherever Jesus trod or Christianity lives in the Holy Land. The fact that you cannot acknowledge that Jerusalem is Palestine tells us volumes about your blindness.

          I don’t explain anything to you. It’s not my job. Find someone else to be your tutor.

          1. “Iran has its own interests and does not represent all of Islam”

            Gulf States and China solidify economic ties too, despite Uighur genocide.


            Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world, yet, in 2020, China was Indonesia’s top export destination, accounting for more than 16% of the nation’s total exports. That year, the total value of Indonesia’s trade with China topped $78.5 billion.

            The Muslim oil producing states could easily protest Uighur genocide by restraining oil sales to China, but that’s never happened, has it?

            And any Muslim country that allows a few hundred demonstrators to protest against China’s treatment of Uighurs, while also trading billions with China, is being just a little hypocritical too.

            Nor do I also don’t see a lot of Muslims protesting the treatment of Kurds, who, like Palestinians, only want to be free in their own State.

            All the Islamic States, Shi’a and Sunni, have turned a blind eye to the suffering of Sunni Uighur Muslims, yet Muslims care so deeply about Palestinians.

            Why o’ why, Richard?


          2. @ Sasha: You are done in thread.

            The Gulf States are kleptocracies, run by dictators. They no more represent all of Islam than Iran’s leaders do. Nor do these corrupt Gulf leaders represent Islam. They make their deals for their own reasons often having little to do with Islam.

            I also note you as usual seem to have forgotten your original claim that no “Muslims” care about the Uighurs. Which is of course utterly false.

            China, rather cleverly co-opts the leading companies and leaders of Muslim countries precisely in order to buy them off. So of course it encourages trade with them and God only knows how much cash is slipped under the table to these corrupt leaders. That conveniently allows them to abandon the Uighurs. But do Muslims do so? No, of course not.

            As for the struggle of the Kurds, it’s far more complicated than you make out. Turkey is a Muslim country, yet it is in the midst of a deadly conflict with its Kurds, who are largely Sunni Muslims. Syrian Kurds are also in conflict with its largely Alawite government. Shiite Iran has a Kurdish minority as well. As does Iraqi Kurdistan (Iraq is majority Shia). Because of this there is no unanimity about what position Muslims should take regarding the Kurdish issue.

            NOt only is your analysis biased and Islamophobic, it’s terribly shallow.

      2. I know Billoo did not write this report, what I meant was that she objected to Jewish Americans funding the Islamophobia, but makes no mention ofthe Christians doing so. That is antisemitism. Palestine should not have anything to do with Islam because it is a religion (latter).

        Now if she had called out the Christians too, then the ADL and all the others who are attacking her would have no grounds to do so.

        I am not shilling for right-wing Islamophobes, and why do you keep linking me to Hinduvta? I am not a political animal. I am a businessman. I am not affiliated with Hinduvta any more than I would be with any other party in India.

        When I hear unfair criticism of Israel it sends a shiver up my spine. I love Jews and Israel. That is why I am ‘shilling’ for both. I studied in the USA and have many Jewish friends. In Israel which I visit almost every month I have strong business links. Some of Jewish associates visit India often. We have Chabad houses and I am friendly with the local Chabad Rabbi in India.

        I love Jews and Israel. Period. I want Israel to thrive, which thankfully it is.

        India and Israel forever.

    1. Robert Spencer: I guess I was confused because all you Islamophobes look so alike. At any rate, I’ve corrected that error.

      Now that I have your attention, I should add that as of 2010, your Islamophobic group received a cool million in funding from one of America’s wealthiest and most rabid Islamophobes, Joyce Chernick, through Horowitz’s Freedom Center; and $250,000 directly from Chernick’s Fairbrook Foundation. Not to mention that you’re an extra-special pal of another rabid Islamophobe, Pam Geller.

      Maybe you’re just jealous that I left Jihad Watch out of the Islamophobe financial “standings.”

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