8 thoughts on “Former Israeli General: We Can’t Knock Out Iran’s Nuclear Program – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Lawmakers slam the Boeing KC-46 (late delivery and quality) which was only chosen above Airbus 330 MRTT due to intense lobbying on Capitol Hill. Many NATO allies have chosen for Airbus and for the next generation Lockheed Martin will compete with their America built LMXT based on the A330. Iran will have to wait.

      1. If Israel could not have attacked Iran a decade ago, and if Israel cannot attack Iran today, than why has Iran been spending the last decade slowly encircling Israel with Iranian proxy forces?

      2. To mention too, that it would probably not only be rockets in an Iran legitimate retaliation, but probably missiles, cruise missiles and drones, a lot. Beside the defense systems on paper, it would be the first time Israel will have to face other weapons than primitive rockets and mortar shells, if Israel was so sure of being able to handle that “safely”, Israel would have attacked directly, without any warning.

        I don’t know since when a country warns every day their enemy that they are going to attack them and telling how much they are “spending” in U.S weapons to attack them and calling U.S and Europe to do it for them with every possible claims about how Iran is going to destroy the world, Israel never warned Iraq that they would destroy their only nuclear power plant, it just shows a big lack of confidence, and just knowing that they could never handle the retaliations

    1. @ Sasha: I read what he said. He did not say what you claim. He was asked if he could know out Iran’s nuclear program. Instead of saying “yes,” he very cleverly said he could complete the mission with which he was tasked. That’s not the same as saying he could destroy Iran’s nuclear program. Because he knows that the actual mission could not be to completely eliminate the program. Everyone with a brain in their head knows that’s impossible short of a ground invasion and regime change. Could he degrade it, delay it, damage it? Of course. But can he “knock it out?” No, he can’t.

  2. In his desire to appease Israel, President Biden killed any possibility of returning to the JCPOA from the get-go. By refusing to even discuss lifting sanctions until Iran had completely returned to compliance with the JCPOA, Secretary of State Blinken said, “America will not negotiate from a position of weakness.” He is clearly insane, or at least so mentally challenged he should not be allowed to cut his own meat. Unfortunately the same is true of all Republican and many Democrat congress-persons, all of whom are entirely loyal to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. I don’t believe Iran has any intention to build nuclear weapons, although the current Israeli-American policy will probably force them to for self-protection, but of course my opinion is unimportant.

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