11 thoughts on “Bennett and Biden: the Honeymoon is Over – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I would focus on Antony Blinken as he is more hawkish towards Iran. Israel has performed very poorly in the relations during the Obama/Biden period. I’m sure Bennett would be on the same page as Netanyahu, even less concerned about comments from the White House as a bi-partisan US Congress is fully committed in support of Israel. Settlement building and Palestinian evictions from East Jerusalem has barely received any criticism. Israel shut down of the six Human Rights NGOs as other nations have done before: Egypt and Russia. Israel is ambivalent about Russia and Ukraine and one won’t find any harsh criticism about Putin. The Biden administration has fully support the Trump/Kushner/Pompeo deal with Arab States called the Abraham Accords. Gross violations of human rights by most all signatories does not headlines make: UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

    1. The 800 pound gorilla in the room is Donald Trump.

      And it may be reasonable for Bennett to believe that Biden is a one-term President.

          1. @Kareem: Stop with the nonsense. You claim to know something about American domestic politics. Either you know nothing and are spouting drivel or you’re deceiving yourself with delusions. Neither De Santis nor Trump could be elected dog catcher in a national election in 2024. And that’s even with a weak Democrat like Biden.

          2. [comment deleted: I frown on attempts at snark directed personally at me by commenters. Try it again and you’ll be moderated.]

        1. Kareem and Richard, I also sure as heck wouldn’t count on Trump or some other Republican defeating Biden in 2024. The majority of the American support Biden’s policies and then some, and they oppose what Trump and the Republicans have done and are doing. It’s a little under 3 years until the next presidential election.

  2. I was very happy to see this. I hope this is all true.After all it was Obama who Biden served as Vice President that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran that Trump broke. So Biden should want the negotiations to restore it. And then there’s the additional settlement housing that Bennett wants, that Blinken criticized him for. I’m sure that Biden often hears from J Street and from the many other Jews who oppose what Israel does.

  3. Israel needs the secrets of the F-35 avionics for further research and development of their own systems. Apparently PM Bennett would like to speed up delivery of at least two of the eight contracted Boeing KC-46 Pegasus air refuelers. This request dates back to July 2020, however the plane has some technical problems and two years late on delivery schedule..
    Failure of reinstating the JCPOA nuclear deal may come at great expense ….
    Recent joint ballistic missiles defense exercises of the US and Israeli air forces may, under certain circumstances, become an operational reality part of the regional plan to defend Israel from ballistic threats.
    Target date Summer 2022, exactly a decade after a serious threat under the Obama presidency. Just wondering whether the Pentagon has been wise to deliver the F-35 with a remote operated self-destruct button.   
    See also the 1998 Rumsfeld Commission Report on rogue state ballistic missile threat.

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