7 thoughts on “Biden-Bennett White House Meeting Offers ‘Plenty a Nuthin’ for Palestine and Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank must demand voting rights from Israel from river to sea. This will resonate with the free world and put tremendous pressure on Israel to comply.

    Israeli Prime Minister Olmert argued, in a 2007 interview with the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, that without a two-state agreement Israel would face “a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights” in which case “Israel [would be] finished”” — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-state_solution#One-state_debate_since_1999

    1. This has been said so for years and yet bupkis. Consequences? This is Israeli exceptionalism (added to the issue of Israel having nuclear arms) And we, used to our own exceptionalism, allow it to be so in our relationship (see various reasons/excuses for not confronting Israel: political pressure,”we need allies in the ME” etc.)
      Read Peter Beinart’s brave column in the NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/11/opinion/biden-israel-nuclear-program.html?

    2. @ Steve

      As per the Oslo Accords, the PA is the representative government of the Palestinian people and that is where the Palestinian people should take their votes.

      Of course, over one million Israeli Arabs have full voting rights within the State of Israel where Arabs are Knesset members and an Arab minister holds a position in the current Israeli government.

      1. The Oslo Accords were never “finished” and when the five years interim period ended without reaching a comprehensive peace agreement, it has been in reality obsolete. Now because of the settlement expansion there is no change to a peace agreement without a civil war among Israeli Jews. Believing that Palestinians can or will agree to the fragmented “Warsaw Ghettos” type solution is astonishing naive optimism among Israeli Jews. Pretending that occupied Palestinians have the sovereign means to administrate and rule themselves with their “representative government of the Palestinian people”. Even more “hilarious” is that Israeli Jews are not willing to allow Palestinians to democratically have the long overdue elections for the new PA, knowing that the result would be “Hamas”. It is easy to speak about “peace” and two state solution, without saying what that second state in reality will be. .

      2. @Boss: If the PA is the “representative of gthe Palestinian people,” then let’s see Israel recognize it as such. And recognize a Palestinian state, which is called for as part of the Oslo Accords. As long as Israel refuses to do this, the PA is an empty shell representing no one in particular except the aged kleptocrats who raid its dead carcass for carrion.

        Palestinian Israelis can vote, yes. But that doesn’t preclude them being 4th class citizens, subject to pogroms at the hands of their Jewish fellow citizens. It doesn’t prevent Israeli police from harassing virtually every MK who’s ever served in Knesset. Including punishments which deprived them of voting rights in Knesset, serving on committees, etc.

        There is a deputy minister from an Islamist Party. The only reason he was named is that the current coalition couldn’t make a coalition w/o that Party’s 4 votes. It occurred only out of desperation, not out of brotherly love for Palestinians.

  2. No telling what Biden will do since he seems pervious to criticism. In this case it would be about the US backing away from Afghanistan and the wonderment about backing away from other conflicts OR will he seek to show force to prove not so? How strong is his commitment to justice vis a vis the Palestinians? How strong is his desire to find a way to deal with the Iranians peacefully? Re that is Biden willing to actually confront Israel regarding nuclear weapons that it has and has had –the elephant in the room. Israel threatens Iraq continuously. We allow this ignoring the Iranians case.Will the Iranians get nuclear armed regardless especially now that Trump having shown that the JCPOA, a deal with the US, is ephemeral? Leaving Afghanistan may/will change the geopolitical issues. Meanwhile the Palestinians got nuttin’ as you say and Hamas has the right to remind Israel of that imo.
    This is foreign policy and we (Biden) have enough on our plate at home.

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