13 thoughts on “Drone Attack on Israeli Tanker, Hezbollah Rocket Barrage Signal Confrontational Policy of New Iran President – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So glad, Rich, that you referred to testosterone. Between that excess and personality disorders cum greed (no matter what culture they appear in), I see no hope for peace. The military-war-industry thrives and people die, especially a lot of innocent ones, people with no power.

    “The only good that came out of it was that both Hezbollah and Israel have realized for the past 15 years that they don’t want it to happen again.” Israel doesn’t want “it” to happen again? I could not agree less. They’re bloodthirsty fascist goons and seem to have no compunctions about mowing down anyone in the way of their regional hegemony, even if it means some “collateral damage in young Jews.” Nuclear? Ahhh, so sad, so sorry. The radiation does wear off after a while, no?

    Y’all know all the aphorisms about wars.

  2. [comment deleted: I do not permit comments spewing hatred toward nations, religions, or peoples. Consider yourself warned. And read the comment rules carefully.]

    1. “…They’re bloodthirsty fascist goons…(susypus123)”
      “… I do not permit comments spewing hatred toward nations, religions, or peoples…”

      @Richard: unless it is aimed at Israel or Israelis, right?

      1. @ Eli Gal: I have no idea where that comment came from. You need to include a link so I can read the entire comment (which you conveniently elided) and judge that and not a single phrase from it.

    1. @ KC: There are quite a few problems with your comment. Let’s start here:

      1. The Jerusalem Post is a shmatteh known for its pro-Likud bias. Not a credible source by any means.
      2. Why would you, a pro-Israel shill presume to know what is “wise” for Hezbollah? Since when do you have any sense of what is in Hezbollah’s interests?
      3. The article profiles a Maronite Christian, who are Sworn Enemies of the Shiite Hezbollah. I would expect him to say what he did.
      4. You might want to explain why a Maronite Christian president, Michel Aoun sits in a coalition with Hezbollah.
  3. Animals threaten one another by making themselves look bigger. We are animals. People and some nation’s leaders play a game of chicken tantamount to that. This irresponsibly puts innocents on the line, including or especially, their own. US punitive foreign policy is based on the belief that we can obliterate anyone therefore call the shots even though we cannot really. It has been this since WW2. Still we go on as though we can. Israel can act with impunity against Iran and it’s interests because it has the ultimate weapon, the technology for less than that to prevail, and the US and it’s interests supposedly, including the domestic political.Iran has it’s interests it’s allies and its dignity to protect. Iran will not be cowed; it’s people support that even when they don’t like their leadership.Iran can also fight a war of attrition, asymmetrical warfare which is what the parties seem to be engaged in now. They won’t talk until a crescendo is hit like with everything else of vital interest, Covid, Climate Change.Things need to get dire and the parties to need stop playing power oneupsmanship and find some respect for one another, but even then, the nasty habit of playing for power prevails. It’s in the genes.

  4. JCPOA in Jeopardy? For the former US president indeed .. he shredded the agreement. Biden/Blinken knew what was at stake … never serious nor decisive to be part of the nuclear pact with Security Council partners and Iran. I suspect the quick withdrawal of NATO allies from Afghanistan is policy of creating chaos. Keeps enemy states Russia,  China, Iran an Pakistan involved with Taliban. Human Rights? Thousand civilians have perished in a month.

    1. @ Boss B: Actually no more cruel or deranged than the average IDF chief of staff, who are routinely guilty of murdering far more Palestinians than Raisi ever murdered Iranians. Don’t get me wrong, Raisi has blood on his hands. But to pretend that his ardor for blood isn’t matched by Israeli generals and intelligence chiefs is ludicrous.

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