10 thoughts on “Former Lebanese Interior Minister Blames Israel for Beirut Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Scarabian: Why is it you post comments whose argument is already rebutted in my Post? Don’t you bother to read the post? Why are you wasting everyone’s time including your own?

      You are done in this thread.

  1. &Scarabean
    From yr article, same words uttered before by Aoun …

    Aoun has said the probe is looking into whether neglect, an accident or “external interference” caused the blast.
    “Although it seems that (it) has been an accident, I want to avoid being accused of not having listened to every voice,” Aoun told the Italian daily.

    He said that many people claimed seeing airplanes fly by the port just before the blast and, although “not very credible”, they should be listened to.

    I myself saw early reports of planes in the sky. Credible accounts from children who were Syrian refugees to escape terror from Assad.

  2. STL reading of verdict

    No evidence Hezbollah leadership involved in assassination of former Lebanese PM, tribunal judge finds


    There is no evidence that the leadership of the Iran-backed Shia Muslim group Hezbollah, or the Syrian government, were involved in the 2005 bombing that killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri, a judge said on Tuesday.

  3. I keep thinking of the child’s game of “Clue” only this is literally dead serious. There is conflicting reporting about whether Nasrallah mentioned, blamed, supposed this was an attack by Israel.The blaming continues with motives all around, now too with Machnouk.
    Do we know for sure there were Hezbollah short range missiles there?If so, this gives Israel reason to attack, but surely not to cause such a catastrophe with it’s unintended consequences, not to destroy so many lives and the port and Lebanon itself, to make a truly failed state on it’s border.

    What does not change is the storage of explosives and the incredible explosion. How much ammonium nitrate, what else ( fireworks, missiles) what served as the match.. all that we still don’t know right?

    From Asia Times:

    If Israel were to be determined responsible, Lebanese sources say, it would necessitate an equivalent reply from Hezbollah, which would prompt a devastating war not in the interest of the party or its allies.
    Blaming an Israeli attack would also provoke further investigations into what exactly was being targeted, and raise questions for all Lebanese factions, including Machnouk’s, as to how they allowed the port to be militarized. 
  4. Headline is just bull …

    Israel demands action against Hezbollah following Hariri verdict | Ynet News |

    In article content admits:

    “The judges also said there was no evidence to directly link Syria – the former military overlord in Lebanon — or Hezbollah’s leadership to the attack.”

  5. A Hidden Tycoon, African Explosives, and a Loan from a Notorious Bank: Questionable Connections Surround Beirut Explosion Shipment


    But Grechuskin, on paper at least, did not own the Rhosus. Instead, through a company in the Marshall Islands called Teto Shipping, he had chartered the ship from a company in Panama, Briarwood Corporation, according to official records from Moldova’s Naval Agency.

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