5 thoughts on “Israeli Anti-Netanyahu Protests Heat Up, But Real Change is Unlikely – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No Richard.
    Shabak is not beating Nawajaa in his prison cell

    How do we know that?
    Because Nawajaa told the judge (via videoconference, due to Covid-19 restrictions) that he is in good health.

    1. @ Limey: How many times have we seen men tortured, then displayed for the benefit of their torturers and the public? Iran, North Korea, Stalin’s Russia. They all used such tactics.

      Not to mention since you haven’t offered a source I don’t know what Nawajaa said or what the judge asked. And I’m not about to trust your characterization of anything.

    1. @Limey: Of course suspects have lawyers present at their hearings. But the lawyers cannot access their client before the hearing, they cannot see any evidence offered against their client and they cannot summon Shabak goons to testify in court about what they’re doing to his client. So of what use is having a lawyer at the hearing when he can’t function as a real lawyer? This is all a show to prove that Israel treats its prisoners according to western legal protocols when it doesn’t.

      I’m afraid you’ll have to up your game. This level of hasbara is pathetic.

  2. My ‘source’, was the BDS link you imbedded in your article, where, I gleaned that
    Nawajaa’s lawyer was from the Addameer-Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.

    Addameer’s attorney knows what the Judge asked and what Nawajaa’s replies were.

    Also, Addameer will not hesitate to allege torture of a client, should they find signs of violence, but it’s highly doubtful that Nawajaa will be tortured.

    In a case similar to Nawajaa’s , Addameer’s client, Daoud al Ghoul, former director director of Shafaq, the Jerusalem Art Coalition, was conditionally released after only 10 days confinement.

    Guess what? No torture of al Ghoul, and no torture of BDS founder Omar Barghouti for that matter.
    BTW, al Ghoul has been arrested six times in the past by Israel, and has never alleged torture.


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