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  1. Yes, and NSO is sharing the stage with other Non-State hackers like Germany’s ‘Gamma’, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Italy’s ‘Momentum’, Spain’s ‘Mollitiam Industries’ and the United States ‘Zerodium’.


    BTW, NSO is jointly owned by an American private investment group, a European private investment group, and two Israeli businessmen.

    Just thought I’d add some perspective here.

    1. @ Lemonade: You’ve got to keep up with my reporting, buddy. NSO is by far the most successful, largest and most financially remunerative company in this field by an order of magnitude compared to the others RSF listed.

      Also, saying NSO is “jointly owned” is misleading. It is owned by Novalpina, which holds by far the largest stake in the company. It’s possible that some of its former owners have retained a small stake. But they have no control or say in running the company. Novalpina seems to have left the day to day management of NSO to the same assholes who founded it as they’re e continuing to follow the same damaging practices they’ve used thus far; learning nothing and changing nothing.

      You also failed to mention the three previous attempts Shalev and Hulio made to sell the company to public companies in Israel and the U.S., all of which failed because of the massive controversy generated by the world human rights community. The only reason they could sell it to Novalpina is it’s a private company and doesn’t have to worry about the odious nature of NSO’s business in terms of driving away stockholders.

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