13 thoughts on “Israeli Secret Police Arrest Israeli Palestinian Activist Under Gag Order – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It would clarify your view of matters if you could get over the preconception that Israel is a society in which the rule of the law applies. In twenty years of following matters Israeli, everything I have read confirms me in the opinion that in that state, ‘law’ serves purely as a fig leaf to disguise what would be the otherwise open oppression of a criminal, unjust regime. To be frank, ‘law’ in Israel seems to enjoy about the same status it did in Nazi Germany. There’s even the same weird compulsion to cook up some legalistic folderol to cover up the essentially arbitrary and morally indefensible actions of the regime.

    1. @ Lemontree: Really? You want to go there? Offering hasbaroid praise for one of the most dysfunctional, corrupt legal systems in the so-called western world? After I posted about the buying and selling of judgeships? And the fraud engaged in by security services to extort prisoners into plea bargainging in return for “only” getting 10 yrs in prison? Where a president was offered a deal in which he would not be charged with rape if he accepted guilt on a lesser charge (and only when he refused the plea deal was he prosecuted on the rape charge)? Where a senior minister engaged in corruption gets off with no charges while witnesses in the case disappear or die mysteriously? After it’s taken years to even indict this particular asshole, let alone try and convict him? Where the AG dithered for years about whether to even charge him and then let his wife off with a slap on the wrist?


  2. ״ media ethnic cleansing ”???
    At this point the words ethnic cleansing lost all meaning. Just call it “media Holocaust”. It is as catchy

    1. @ Dina Schaiek: Speak for yourself. The phrase ‘ethnic cleansing’ has profound meaning, especially for the victims. Not so much for the perpetrators: catch my drift??

      I’d venture to say if it was you, your spouse or child who was arrested and mouldering in an underground Shabak cell, and the news of your interrogation and torture was prohibited from being reported, you’d change your tune.

      Remember the story about God hardening Pharaoh’s heart? You ain’t no Pharoah, but your heart is sure hard as stone. Wonder why that is?

  3. Guess I’m going to have to mail a print-off of this to the Pope, because there is no way the Hungarian Crook (Netanyahu) or his funder, the Orange One (Trump) would listen to me. Who else has pull over the Jewish Prussia? I’ll mail them too.

  4. Aya Khatib was arrested 2 months ago and admitted during her questioning to having helped the terror group Hamas by diverting aid funds for terror projects and gather intelligence,

    She’s accused of scamming aid organizations she worked for, as well as civilians who donated money to the needy population in Gaza.


    Butter wouldn’t melt, Richard.
    Butter wouldn’t melt.

    1. @ Lemonade: First, you seem to be on the Shabak email list as you’re almost literally quoting its press release bragging about capturing a dangerous terrorist financier. Why is that? Must have a special pipeline to the secret police, huh?

      Second, you misquoted Shabak’s own press release to give it credit for something even it didn’t claim. The press release does not say that Khatib confessed to anything. It says that in the course of her interrogation it was discovered that she did blah, blah, blah. In order words, Shabak wanted you and other Israelis to think that she confessed to these things. But she didn’t. What actually happened is that during interrogation her torturers presented her with their own charges. Then in the press release they concealed the fact that the charges were ginned up by Shabak itself.

      Further, either you didn’t read the press release thoroughly or you don’t know Hebrew, because Khatib has only been under arrest for 3 weeks, not 2 months as you claimed.
      Third, Shabak has a long history of criminalizing humanitarian relief in Gaza. It has arrested other Palestinians working for international aid groups claiming they stole funds meant for relief and gave them to Hamas. The last time Shabak tried this the Australian government called its bluff and did its own investigation and announced publicly that there was no proof or evidence that the charges were valid. Yet still, the poor Palestinian aid worker languishes in an Israeli jail for years. In other words, Shabak has found that criminalizing humanitarian relief is a convenient way to impeach Hamas.

      Fourth, and most damaging is the f*king nerve Shabak has to complain about someone exploiting humanitarian relief to engage in “terrorism,” when it’s own IDF commando did the very same thing in Gaza in order to execute spying and intelligence work there. The disastrous Sayeret Matkal operation exploited the cover of humanitarian relief in order to plant spy gear in Gaza. Doing so violated international law and endangered legitimate humanitarian aid organizations operating there.

      Balls baby, you and your Shabak pals have balls. All I can say.

      OH and thanks, you’ve just helped me write my next blog post on this sham.

  5. I have no more contact with Shabak, than you do.
    Rather, I read today’s YNet News article, but failed to link it. That article stated that Ms Khateeb, arrested two months ago, “admitted during her questioning to having helped the terror group divert aid funds for terror projects and gather intelligence.

    Now as far as I know, Richard Silverstein is the only person claiming Khateeb’s interrogators are her ‘torturers’.

    Anyway. “The findings of the Shin Bet investigation indicate that Khatib also provided information for Hamas about the movement of military forces during one of the fighting rounds with the Gaza Strip,” the agency said.

    Providing Hamas with information about Israeli military movements can hardly be confused with providing humanitarian relief in Gaza.


    1. @ Lemontree: Your first mistake: believing what you read in Ynet. Your second, not reading the original statement released by the SHin Bet which clearly did not say she “admitted” anything.

      Ms Khateeb, arrested two months ago, “admitted during her questioning

      I do have to thank you for one thing. You proved what I wrote in the post itself: that Israeli media would claim that she “admitted” or “confessed” to her crimes during interrogation, when she did nothing of the sort, as even the Shabak statement reveals.

      As far as torture, if you’ve ready any coverage of SHin Bet treatment of detainees like her (I presume you have), what is the one theme you’ll find in every case? Torture and abuse. The Shin Bet is a creature of habit. If they torture one security detainee, they torture all of them.

      The findings of the Shin Bet investigation indicate that Khatib also provided information for Hamas about the movement of military forces during one of the fighting rounds with the Gaza Strip,” the agency said.

      No, that’s again not what the Shabak’s statement actually said. And again, I read the actual statement and linked to it in my post. Now you read it. Try doing that before you believe the lying Israeli media. Actually, it may not be lying. It may just be ineptitude or stupidity. Take your pick.

      Providing Hamas with information about Israeli military movements can hardly be confused with providing humanitarian relief in Gaza.


      She didn’t do that. THe Shabak statement claims she did. THere’s a difference.

  6. Ok, here are some facts yes facts!! I am a native arabic
    1. She has been arrested since 17.2.2020 at 2 am!! With 7 elongations so far!! Between these elongations other islamic caracters that were arrested and questiond about her, seemingly their names were mentioned during her arrest .all of them were released.
    2. Reading her facebook , everyone can understand that she just posted cases of children and students who needed help including food,milk,medicine and surgery operation payments. She attached details and how to pay not by her but by formal israeli banks. When asked in comments about more details about operations for example she asked the commenters to ask the patient’s doctor.
    3. Reading her facebook, everyone can understand that she studied deeply the human cases so that the money reaches the most urgent case. With screenshots of the medicine papers, messages, and sometimes videos. In addition she posted warnings of false cases of people that wanted to steal money .
    4. Reading her facebook, there are updates of the cases including videos of children she helped , videos that were sent to her from there parent to thank her
    5.she was interviewed once, the interview is on youtube, explaining how she works and helps. It is obvious that she is very real smart and human . According to her verbal and non verbal language.
    6. People who know her,friends,former teachers,relatives in addition to many whom she helped and saved , all of them talk about a very respectful woman that all her dreams were to help poor people and children and she worked for that without a reward. All of them are shocked that such a woman gets such a creul punishment
    7 she is 31 ys old has 2 children an occupational therapist not belonging to any organization, but just volunteering as helping to post cases of formal israeli charity organizations like ” lemaan haaher”.

    I don’t know her personally but i believe that the facts above show that she is not a secret terror girl but someone that everyone and every country should admire and learn from.

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