9 thoughts on “Israel Lobby Criminalizes Children’s Books – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Did you just compare ‘P for Palestine’ to the Bible?
    I understand your liking of a good analogy but do you really not see the difference?

    1. @Joshua Tartakovsky:

      Did you just compare ‘P for Palestine’ to the Bible?

      No, YOU did.

      A good rule of thumb for hasbarists like you is not to summarize my views, paraphrase them or characterize them on my behalf at all. You will invariably be wrong, as you are in this case. And your bad faith in doing so annoys me.

      You are done in this thread.

  2. Mr. Richard Silverstein,

    The Lobby’s ‘lawfare’ here, is not less obnoxious then then book publisher’s attempt to politically indoctrinate pre-school kids.

    “Hey teachers, leave those kids alone”–Pink Floyd

    1. Doctor: ah so we have a Kenyan Christian Zionist. Aren’t you a bit outside your wheelhouse, Doc ?

      A book author reading a children’s book to children is “indoctrination?”
      Are you daft?

      “Hey teachers, leave those kids alone”–Pink Floyd

      And whatever you do, do not EVER quote Roger Waters’ lyrics to support Israeli apartheid. That is far beyond the Pale.

  3. @Richard, wow. Just when you think that the pro-Israel lobby and the hasbarists couldn’t get more petty and venomous when it comes to anyone speaking up for the Palestinians in any way, shape or form. Barring the usual slander, demonization, and attacks on Palestinians and Arabs, the vitriol targeting groups like Jewish Voices for Peace or IfNotNow is also particularly reprehensible.

  4. Mr. Richard Silverstein,

    I am not a Christian Zionist, I am proud Igbo Jew.

    This book is indoctrination.

    “I is for Intifada, Intifada is Arabic for rising up for what is right, if you’re a kid or a grownup!” with an image of barbed wire, and “M is for Miftah, Key of Return, Mama’s Mama and My Jiddah’s mama’s for which I yearn!”

    The husband of the author is full of hate.

    “Bashi’s husband, Hamid Dabashi, also a Columbia professor, has also recently been accused of posting anti-Semitic comments on Facebook about Jared Kushner.
    Dabashi referred to “Jared Kushner’s Zionist kins [sic]” who “kill and rob Palestinians,” and described the Jewish White House adviser as a “creature.”
    Columbia University President Lee Bollinger distanced himself from Dabashi’s views in a statement, saying, “I want to completely disassociate myself from those ideas. They’re outrageous things to say, in my view.”


    1. @ Doctor: I don’t care whether you’re the chief rabbi. YOu’re a cheap propagandist.

      Hamid Dabashi is a distinguished historian at Columbia University. His work is published in mainstream publications including the NY Times. I could care less what Lee Bollinger thinks. He runs the University’s fundraising operation and must cater to rich pro-Israel Jews. He has to say that.

      Jared Kushner is a spoiled rich kid brat suckled on the milk of Palestine hate. He’s given tens of thousands of dollars to settlements. He is a “creature.” I’m a Jew. I can say that. If I can, Hamid Dabashi can. So sue me!

      BTW, there’s nothing anti-Semitic about a refugee expelled from her land wanting to return. Nor is there anything wrong for rising up for what is right, including the right of return. Again, I’m a Jew. I support the right of return. THere is no reason Goldbarg Dabashi can’t support it too. So sue me twice!

      You are done in this thread. Do NOT publish another comment in it.

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