6 thoughts on “Twitter Refuses to Bow to Israeli Censorship – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The “Israeli” belief that they can challenge citizens of other countries in Israeli legal system for their opinions and what they write in the “borders crossing” social media is absurd. Even more absurd is that those who demand that “global” Israeli (and US) justice are the first to vocally denying the “others” having not same equal legal rights and possibilities against “Israelis”. What if some Finn would demand the Finnish court to act against the religious views and hateful remarks some Israeli rabbi and settler expresses in (US owned and run) social media? The free-speech and antisemitism screaming would be enormous and hundreds of Jewish lawyers from USA and Israel would explain why such acts are not “proper”.

    The quality of Israeli justice system is revealed, that they themselves are so ashamed of what they do so they do not allow the foreign accused (and the world) to see the decision. No serious judge would like to ruin his professional reputation by letting the world to see those hilarious arguments in the Israeli verdict.

  2. Richard, I don’t think the young man in the photo is Lebanese, I’m pretty sure he’s Palestinian. He’s wearing a scarf with the emblem of the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine (so do the other men in the photo) and in his left hand is a photo of emprisoned PFLP leader Ahmad Saadat. It might as well be what p***** off the FB hasbara gate-keepers.

  3. ????

    How are the last two chapters been added to my comment? Before the comment had only the two first chapters and I would never write such text what is in the comment’s chapters 3 and 4.

    1. @ SimoHurtta: So sorry this happened. Somehow two paragraphs of a comment I wrote on a thread dealing with Filipino migrant workers was appeneded to your comment on a different thread. I don’t know how this happened and apologize for it. I’ve edited your comment to remove my two paragraphs and pasted them into the comment where they originally belonged.

  4. Chapter word should be naturally paragraph. English is not my first language (:

    When I posted the comment, there were the two original paragraphs. Now when I today visited the page there were the addiotional 2 paragraphs.

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