5 thoughts on “Israeli Gag Order Prohibits Identifying Israeli Child and Filipino Mother Whom Ministry Seeks to Deport – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ve known over a dozen Filipina caregivers working here in Israel.

    Everyone of them was treated with respect, and all were well paid, and that goes for the illegals as well.

    The Filipinas in Israel are sophisticated and will help each other navigate the Israeli bureacracy, and, they know the consequences of running afoul of Israel’s laws.

    Every Filipino, at one point, promised the State of Israel that they would leave Israel once their work visas expired.

    Some, chose to break the promise.

    1. @ Benyamin: This is along the lines of: “some of my best friends are Negroes…”

      I wonder whether you’d feel the same way about German Jewish refugees who fled to European countries, if they too were expelled for little more than trying to survive and earn a bare living. Of course you wouldn’t. You don’t have a care in the world for people in the world who are denied the benefits you enjoy. Because you’re sitting pretty as a privileged Israeli who can deign to declare Filipinos should be happy with their lot and gratefully accept the crumbs they receive from your table. And then meekly return to the impoverished existence in the Philipines. Ah the Israel noblesse oblige of it all!

  2. The Filipina who cared for my mother earned enough money in seven years to by a house in the Philippines.
    She had paid holidays and vacation time. She received social security benefits in accordance with the law, free health care, etc.

    As for Ms Cuencas, her son got free health care and an education while he lived in Israel with his mother, all, on the dime of the Israeli taxpayer.

    Now that the time for her to go home has passed, she is receiving due process and free legal representation.

    Please Richard.

    Let’s leave African Americans and Holocaust refugees out of this, and just stick to the facts.

    Just as an aside, most of the home care aides that are replacing the Filipinas, are coming from Sri Lanka and India.

    1. @ Benyamin: As someone pointed out recently, it’s in Israel’s interest to bring in migrant workers, keep them for a period of time, then boot them out. There is money to be made by placement firms who hire these people and get enormous fees in return. Given the level of corruption endemic in Israel there’s little doubt that the government bureaucrats in Deri’s ministry are benefiting financially from facilitating this industry.

      It’s laughable when anti-refugee xenophobes like you argue that migrant workers are freeloaders who suck Israel dry and offer little except their own labor in return. These people, to the extent they’re allowed to participate in the legal economy, pay taxes and are little different than citizens in fulfilling their obligations (except their children do not serve in the army, unless the state allows them to become citizens).

      Studies of migrant workers in the U.S. show that they contribute more financially to this country than they demand in services in return. I’m certain the same is true of Israel.

      Migrant workers do NOT receive due process. That’s precisely the point of my post, which you’ve conveniently omitted. They’re forced into signing coercive “agreements,” which offer them no choice. When they’re in the midst of appealing their expulsion and expulsions should be frozen, the police bundle them on planes and return them to their home countries. That is not due process. That is the hallmark of a national security state, and a xenophobic one at that.

      As for the comparison to Jewish refugees. Refugees are refugees. There are 50,000 African refugees in Israel. Their abysmal treatment at the hands of your government is despicable and shows the worst of your country to the world. So you bet I’m going to point that out. While the Cuencas came to Israel for economic reasons, they mistreatment is part of the same process that all refugees face, including Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis.

      If you don’t like the comparison, then treat all foreigners in Israel with respect and according to international norms. If you don’t, you will “suffer” such comparisons.

      You are done in this thread. Do not post in it again.

  3. [comment deleted: I began to write a response to this comment, but then realized it was a Jewish (or Judean, since I don’t consider this “Jewish”) version of Nazi racial purity. I cannot permit Jewish race pride here just as i cannot permit white, or even Arab race pride (if such a thing exists)]

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