2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Gag Order Prohibits Reporting Fraud Investigation of Israeli Judge and Powerful Lawyer – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Ayelet Sheked — or rather, my emotional response to her — is interesting.

    She’s a pretty woman. Ergo, she’s good. That’s the way the male mind works.

    But she’s bad. She’s a frigging kosher Nazi. Utterly vile.

    There’s a disconnect here…

    I’m reminded of the whole Scarlett Johansson (sp?) Sodastream controversy. There was so much ‘no, Scarlett; don’t you realize the settlements are BAD?’

    The upset so obviously owed so much to Scarlett so obviously being beautiful…but endorsing Israel…but being beautiful…but…

    We’re like one of those computers in a science fiction movie. Tell us a beautiful woman is bad, and we go into an infinite loop. It’s kind of cute, I suppose.

    1. @ Colin Wright: It’s a rather cynical ploy for a homophobic, misogynist political party like Likud or Jewish Home to recruit such attractive women to serve in their ranks. Miri Regev and Shaked each serve similar purposes. Though I think that Shaked has actually used her ministry substantively to destroy the independent judiciary. So in that sense, she’s far more than female window-dressing.

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