8 thoughts on “The U.S. Midterm Elections: the Blue Trickle – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sanders will be 80 if elected and by Jan 20 half-way to 81. Who will vote for someone of that age?
    Harrison was the oldest U.S. president elected at 67-years-old.

    1. @esther: When Harrison was elected the average life expectancy of Americans was around 50 years old. Today, for people age 80 life expectancy is well into the 90s. We’re not living in the 1840s in case you hadn’t noticed.

  2. Chuck Schumer needs to go (he was not willing to go in with pushing for more radical candidates and moving to the Left), and the Dems need to get out of the centrist hole they are in by creating a vision for a future America they want through a Party manifesto. They need to do more of the rally game that Trump uses to prop up his vanity and ego, but unlike the “Triumph of the Will” idiocy of the President, Democratic party rallies should be in swing states pushing whatever elements of the manifesto fit that area.

    Trump will only go away after a lot of hard work.

  3. Let’s hope new Muslim voices in the House won’t be buried alive by the historic, profuse, pro-Israel money that’s owned Washington DC way too long..

  4. As though the Middle East and immigration are the biggest of your problems generated by the politicians.
    You’ve got much bigger problems to solve
    Because of your selfish and idiotic red states the NRA and gun manufacturers will not give up their “right” to sell their toys to white men who love to play with their assault weapons,, thus the mass shootings every week
    And even thought the democrats can block legislation, there is nothing they can do to stop the Trump administration from defunding or otherwise sabotaging the health care system. There is literally zero possibility in the foreseeable future that you guys will enact rational health care policy, and zero possibility of meaningful gun control.

      1. Legislatively you are correct. They can’t outright repeal or defund the law. However the executive branch has broad powers in interpreting and implementing laws, exploiting loopholes via the mechanisms of rules through its agencies. The administration has already done some things to weaken Obamacare, such as allowing “slim” plans that do not meet the normal ACA rules, and which potentially severely undercut the whole program. They can also (and have done this) challenge various parts of the law in court, such as cost sharing payments to insurance companies. Also, the outgoing congress repealed the individual mandate which completely undermines the the logistic and financial soundness of universal coverage. So I’m not optimistic.

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