21 thoughts on “Pictures Don’t Lie, But Israeli Oligarchs Do – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Don’t forget to take into account that circa 1967 both Bethlehem and Nazareth, both being Christian holy site, were by a large majority Christian Arab.
    Subsequently, they have been driven out not by the Israelis but by another population in the vicinity and are both now under a majority Moslem control.

    1. I have spoken to Christians from the West Bank who told me it is the lack of freedom and opportunity caused by the occupation that is driving them away. They are better educated, and have more contacts abroad than the average Muslim family, making it easier ( though not less heartbreaking) for them to leave and build a life elsewhere. Which is exactly what Israel wants, making their life bitter so they do not multiply. Sound familiar?

      1. Nazareth in particular is in the north and almost completely on a mountain to herself. There was some years ago mosques being built on supposed church property etc which caused a lot of local problems there. It is fairly autonomous there.

        1. @ Nazareth: It is not ‘on a mountain to itself.’ Where do you dig this stuff up. Nor did the tension between the Christian and Muslim community cause any Christinas to leave Nazareth or Israel.

          Do NOT make shit up. If you do, you run the risk of being moderated or banned. All claims you offer must be supported by credible sources. No source, no claim. As far as I’m concerned you have no opinions here (that are valid), unless they’re supported. Consider that before publishing your next comment.

    2. This narrative that Muslims kicked out Christians is false.

      I’m Palestinian Christian and most Christians that left if not nearly all left for a variety of reasons. Also the Palestinian Christian population is about where it is always been. The only difference is that the Muslim and Jewish populations grew. People confuse birth rates with ethnic cleansing.

      Next time ask actual Palestinian Christians before making stuff up.

    3. So you’re in fact stating that prior to Israeli occupation Bethlehem was a majority Christian town (which is correct) but how come they’ve not been driven out before then, their Muslim compatriots have always been around !
      Nope, all internal studies among Christians in the Bethlehem-area show that around 90% declare the economic situation to be the first motivation for leaving. I guees you’re aware of that ugly Wall nearly surrounding all of Bethlehem, and that has taken much land from Beit Sahour and Beit Jala, majority Christians towns, too. (A couple of years ago I saw a list of families who’ve had their land stolen in the area for that Wall, they were mostly Christians judging by the first or/and family names).
      And after destroying the Cremisan Valley by that ugly Apartheid Wall cutting the monastery from its land, it seems the State of Israel is planning another Jewish-only road for the settlers through Wadi al-Makhrour (a Palestinian World Heritage Site on the Unesco-list).

    4. @ natasha: What the hell?? You’re daft. No one has driven anyone out and those two communities remain largely Palestinian Christian. I’m always amused by non-Palestinian who offer us their “expertise” on the Palestinian phenomenon without having any idea of what they’re saying.

  2. Obviously you have ignored the core of her claim. “historic Palestine” means the whole area from the river to the sea. Possibly even Jordan. This means, no land for the Jews.

    1. Sure that’s what it means. Typical trying to claim everything is antisemitic nonsense to avoid actual criticism directed at a military occupation.

    2. @ Jen: Now you’re claiming to know what Banksy was thinking? Based on what? On your deft linguistic analysis? Your friendship with Banksy? Or based on nothing (much more likely).

      Israeli soldiers came to the West Bank in 1967. That is clearly what Banksy meant: they came in 1967 and “never left.”
      Also, the poster is to some degree modeled on old Jewish AGency posters promoting tourism to what was then called Palestine. Like this:

      1. Art is meant to be interpreted by the viewers.
        But your hypocrisy is shocking. You interpret people in all you blogs posts. Heck, you interpreted in this post a woman you didn’t know exist based on a single article.

        Similar thing with Soros – most would agree he is left but for you, anything right of Barni is alt-right. You excel in labeling people but as soon as someone give a title to someone which you disagree (or god forbid label you) you go furious.

        1. @ Jen: Art is meant to be viewed and interpreted by viewers, not idiots. The interpretation of art offered by hasbarists and billionaire oligarchs isn’t worth dreck. And interpreting the written word, as I do here, is different than interpreting art. Ofer didn’t interpret art. She offered a propaganda version that had nothing to do with the actual image Banksy created. Her interpretation was a figment of her own fevered imagination.

          No one agrees that Soros is a “leftist” except you, Bibi Netanyahu, Viktor Orban and Donald Trump (and those who are their devotees, like you). But you’re all lumpen alt-right, so that’s not surprising.

    1. @ Jen: Bill Gates is a “leftist?” Are you daft? You don’t have a clue. But I suppose being a Kahanist means that anyone to the left of Hitler is a leftist. Nor is Soros a “leftist.” He a standard European liberal. Liberal is not “leftist,” again unless you’re a fascist, which you appear to be.

      Not to mention that the Ofers are not “multi-millionaires.” They are billionaires. And oligarchs as well. I’ve never ever heard of an oligarch being a leftist.

  3. Notice how even in their lies the Zionists are unwilling to concede equality to their subjects. ‘Druze,; Christians,’ ‘Muslims,’ are all identified by their religion — with no necessary claim to the land. Jews are not Jews but ‘Israelis’ — and hence implicitly granted sole title to ‘Israel.’

    I think this as much as anything is what inflames me about Zionism — the incessant mendacity. In this case, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

    1. I also find it funny that Palestinian, Muslim, and Christian are separate catagories. Can’t Palestinians be Muslims, Christians, and atheists or whatever else they want?

  4. Zionism is the crazy uncle that brooks no dissent and constantly demands flattery.

    They act like a poster has insulted the honor of the Zahal and the “Border” Troops, which is like saying filthy bumperstickers make angels cry. When the Israeli military is made truly miserable, that’s when the missiles fly.

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