9 thoughts on “StandWithUs’ New Faux “Muslim Zionist” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So this Egyptian guy learned Hebrew as an adult by the internet, and now he teaches the language in California … sounds weird to me ….

  2. I don’t know if this guy is fake or not but some odd things stand out. First, he is clearly making a living by traveling around giving his talk to various Zionist and right wing organizations and groups. He gives this talk over and over. He appears in a video published by the right wing PragerU in which he is described as a military researcher, but I can’t see any evidence apart from this that he really is such.
    Other than that, he is listed elsewhere as a member of JIMENA, Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, though he is not listed on their site as a member and remember he is allegedly not Jewish, as he presents himself as a “former Muslim”
    Mostly he is listed as being aged 27 now though one flyer gives his age as 28 and to be honest he looks older than that in the video, though some people do look older of course.
    He is listed as the author of this piece on Academia from 2013, when he would have been 24 though the piece oddly does not give any affiliation for his work. His English seems to be extremely good for a young man who grew up in an Arabic speaking country and studied in Arabic, which makes me smell a rat.

    If you look at the Cairo University website, then you can see that they have a number of people working in the area of Hebrew literature and so on and they do not appear to have been persecuted for this as they are still working, so this chap’s claim of persecution for this seems odd.
    His website was registered in 2013 when his academic article appeared also, and conveniently uses an anonymizer (very smart) so one cannot trace its origins.

    His story as Richard has pointed out is a little too convenient. That, plus his surprising fluency in Hebrew and English (as evidenced from his blog and his videos), plus his links with right wing groups, and the fact that he appears to be making a living from touting it around to these groups, makes me think that he is either a complete fake or someone who is exaggerating and even making up parts of his story in order to make a living out of selling it. His commentaries on Islam not having moderates are nothing less than racist, untrue and bigoted. I find that particularly odd.

    He has no presence on any other sites apart from those touting his story so I think this is his job.

    I tried googling his name in Arabic and did not come up with anything. My guess is this is not his real name.

    1. This reminds me SO much of Hirsi Ali: Someone who constantly lied, exaggerated and made up things about Muslims, about her past and background and what not, in order to attract attention and make a stellar career based on…. well exaggeration and lies.

      An important factor in her success was that she managed to charm and flatter the middle aged Dutch guys who are in power in society. She made them feel that they were very progressive and tolerant of women, really. Almost too much… The really bad guys were MUSLIM MEN!
      She gave it all to them: Power PLUS absolution. And from an indisputable source: A beautiful black woman who had been a Muslim herself.

      She got Van Gogh to make an embarrassingly dumb film (he acknowledged this to friends) which tragically got him murdered, and she bragged about how a threat to her was pinnend on his chest on countless TV shows. She poisoned the atmosphere in the Netherlands to an extent that I have never experienced before or since. It was a relief to my country when she decided that the Netherlands had become to small for her ambitions and left for the USA. She left no friendships behind, as she betrayed even the people who had admired and supported her from the start.

      1. It reminds me of a Palestinian guy here in France, Waleed al-Husseini, he got political asylum for being persecuted and jailed by the Palestinian Authority for posting anti-Muslim commentaries on the web (and a private blog). His story stinks, anyway … since he’s come here he’s been ‘adopted’ by Zionist and Islamophobic groups, he tweets in perfect French (he doesn’t speak any French), that could of course be translated by someone, but he also tweets about French culture and history (of course to warn about Islam).
        I’ve tried to speak to him once, but he refused …. he’s a real person, Palestinian, but the rest is fake. I really wonder how he got political asylum and also became a French citizen in only a couple of years.

  3. I have said since long, that if I turned coats and became a decrier of Islam, Arabs and Muslims, I would be assured of a most lucrative career.

    Come to think of it, I AM feeling a little broke…

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