26 thoughts on “Syria Downs Israeli War Plane…and This Time, It’s True! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The Syrians have done something they’ve never been able to do before despite scores of Israeli aerial attacks inside their territory”
    I wish that was true but in 73 Syria shot down quite a few planes and maybe in 82 as well.

      1. ‘I wasn’t referring to ancient history. I was referring to the period since Israel began attacking Syria over the past few years.’

        I wonder if Syria was physically incapable of doing anything or simply found the costs of submitting to the strikes less than the cost of responding.

        If so, that she is responding now suggests she’s more confident than she was. After all, a year or so ago Syria was much more of a pariah than she is now. Now US hegemony is seriously becoming a thing of the past, it’s increasingly obvious that Assad is the only solution to the impasse in Syria — and he would appear to have both a firm commitment of Russian support and some sort of modus vivendi with Turkey.

        1. @ Colin Wright: At least part of this is that Israel was able to jam Syria air defences using electronic warfare. That appears to have failed this time. But yes, Assad is feeling increasingly stronger & more emboldened apparently.

      2. At the risk of ticking everyone off, I’ll note that the above exchange unconsciously replicates one of the least savory sources of Israel’s appeal — that to win is to be good.

        Both posters are concerned to demonstrate that Israel isn’t all THAT potent. I’d agree — but that’s neither what’s wrong with her, nor what’s right with her.

        On the other hand, it is why so many insecure little weasels love her so. She’s the great, powerful, alter ego.

  2. I don’t think of Gaza as a country, though maybe I should, but in any case different, as occupied or severely constrained. The Syrians, as they gain confidence may very well go after the (their) Golan. Don’t you think? Thanks for the report.

    1. With all due respect, when we compare the wrong doings of all sides involved in the middle East, I still find the Israeli side by far the least problematic and least dangerous. Russia. Syria. Lebanon. Iran .These countries are responsible for a lot of evil, admit it or not .

      1. @ Leonard Weinstein:

        Russia. Syria. Lebanon. Iran .These countries are responsible for a lot of evil,

        Just as much as Israel. Assad arguably has committed more evil than Israel killing a considerable portion of the overall 300,000 dead during the war, not to mention the millions of refugees he created. But Israel’s killing of 40,000 Arabs and Palestinians since 1948 is right up there.

        1. The important distinction, from my point of view, is that Assad is not a product of US policy, nor is his survival a function of our continued vigorous support.

          As I used to say when I lived in Richmond, Ca, no doubt several teenagers are out stealing cars tonight. That’s regrettable. If my son is one of them, it’s my responsibility.

          1. Absolutely Assad is a product of US policy. Although the US stayed “Neutral” it permitted and encouraged the murderous fanatics sent and funded by the House of Saud and Qatar at the start of the uprising.

    2. ‘…I don’t think of Gaza as a country…’

      Someone once said that smokers are made, not born. The same is true of countries. Nineteenth century fantasies notwithstanding, countries are really pretty arbitrary things, born of a couple of generations of shared experience and some shared ideology.

      So by now, ditto for Gaza. It may not be a happy country, but a country, it is. Israel can give herself a medal. She’s created not just two nations, but arguably, three. For that matter, Lebanon…

      1. Colin the smokers analogy serves to prove the opposite for me. Gaza is Palestinians separated from each other in the West Bank. Israel (and the US policy) has been successful, instrumental, in dividing these occupied territories, preventing them each from becoming a country or unified. Palestinians, to be sure need to have their divisions sorted out. Israel (and the US)has exacerbated these divisions. I think of a country as having sovereignty; neither Gaza not the West Bank is in full control of itself. At the UN Palestine is the country of West Bank and Gaza.

  3. What kind of drone was that? Does Israel, and does the US not routinely fly drones over other’s territory (Gaza, Afghanistan etc.). And was the stone over the Golan Heights or over Israeli territory?

      1. @ Moshe: Before I ban you for this disgusting inane comment I want others to see why I am doing so.

        Like God who told the angels to stop celebrating at the death of the Egyptians in the Red Sea, I’m not celebrating either, you monster. But does Syria have the absolute right to defend its territory from Israeli aggression? You bet. Just as if Iran (they won’t, but just for argument’s sake) had routinely bombed and murdered Israeli generals, it would have to right to defend its own territory and shoot down Iranian planes.

        1. Intellectually, Moshe’s comment is kind of interesting. It’s forcing you to pick and choose — tribal loyalty, or universal loyalty?

          To be fair, he IS hitting the nail on the head.

          He can try it with me, of course — but about all he has to play is the ‘anti-Semite’ card. As I said, one could argue God created Israel to teach the Jews humility.

        2. “Like God who told the angels to stop celebrating at the death of the Egyptians”

          Yes he told the angels not the Israelites!

          1. @ marty: Casuistry. If God didn’t approve of the angels rejoicing he certainly didn’t approve of the Israelites doing it either. The only difference is that humans are not divine, so perhaps he cut them some slack for their celebration of tragedy. Of course if you defend the Israelites’ behavior, then you are claiming that the Egyptians were not God’s creatures and therefore not worthy of pity and empathy. But God clearly disagrees.

    1. ‘Does Israel…’

      Well, Israel routinely plants bombs, mounts air attacks, shoots clearly innocent women and children, etc.

      You’re not suggesting turn about is fair play, are you? I suppose next you’d argue Israel should abide by the agreements she’s signed or something. Let me guess: you think Israel is bound by the same moral strictures as the rest of us.

  4. What’s fascinating — if depressing — about this story is the extraordinary lengths the mainstream media is going to to distort this story.

    From most versions of it, you’d never guess that Israel has been regularly bombing Syria for months, and in some, the distinct impression is conveyed that the Israeli jet was involved in shooting down the drone rather than bombing Syria itself when it was shot down. Fox News probably has the most extreme version, but even the BBC et al are distorting what happened to a remarkable extent.

    The kicker of course is that Israel is outraged at Syrian and Iranian aggression. Wherever he is, Joseph Goebbels must be green with envy.

  5. There’s another aspect to this — or may be.

    Netanyahu’s in trouble. He’s been in trouble before, and the response has been to sound the tocsin and announce the enemy is at the gates. Who could possibly persecute the Prime Minister in the middle of a war?

    It’s at least possible that the outsized Israeli ‘response’ isn’t just out of outrage that the Syrians dared to resist Israeli’s airstrikes, but also a calculated maneuver to stir up some shit, so to speak. For domestic political purposes, Israel may need some fighting right about now, if not necessarily a full-on war.

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