10 thoughts on “Failed Mossad Assassination of Hamas Operative in Lebanon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The facilitation of these exercises in Arab countries like Lebanon occur through clandestine cooperation with other intelligence units, namely Saudi Arabia’s. The eyes on the ground, more or less.

    The “funny part” is when someone tries to extrapolate things like such cooperation backwards in time to include, for example, Hariri’s assassination. Intelligence agencies and analysts will do it, but it’s not allowed before the public eye. Same techniques, tactics and procedures (i.e., modus operandi) and the benefit delivered to those who (a) saw Hariri as weak against Hezbollah and Iran and (b) his assassination as a means of fomenting enmity between non-Israeli aligned actors. Even corroboration in the present day of facts, like the overt kidnapping of the new Hariri by Saudi Arabia along the same objective lines, is not allowed to become a source of inference upon what else Saudi Arabia may be doing for Israel in Lebanon. Because those ties, for the most part, would expose “assets”.

    The PA in Lebanon is very much Saudi aligned. Your sources are credible IMHO. Meanwhile, “ISIS” in Egypt even declared war on the Palestinians. Isn’t that convenient? This all serves short term benefit, but thoughts like mine are not rare among the streets of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia’s reputation dwindles, so does some of the PA’s (who keep following the Saudis to a cliff), and Israel’s image and reputation do not improve either in the long-term.

    I appreciate you highlighting the double-standard at the end. I think competition of interests along the lines of this sort of resolution and objective seeking through violence can only lead to inevitable conflagration and demise for all participants. It’s like the Samson option in slow motion.


  2. I wanted to clarify something you wrote
    “ I am not a Palestinian “
    After reading your blog extensively, I am utterly convinced that you are in fact a Palestinian. Nothing else would explain your attempt to bash Israel at every turn for everything

    1. He’s not, but so what if he was? It’s your mentality that plays the “us versus them” games you’ve been brainwashed with and fails to see the intellectual nuances. If you want peace for Israel, be peaceful yourself.


  3. “another type of attempted assassination, though in Israeli parlance it would be called a terror attack“
    How on earth is that an assassination? There is no one who is specifically targeted. Call it freedom fighting if you may, but assassination??? That’s a new stretch.

  4. “PA decision to collaborate with Israel”
    You call this collaboration??? Seriously?? Palestinians civilians are mostly driving on this road so disarming the bombs comes first to defend their lives
    If the Palestinians helped an investigation about who planted those, it would be a different story but you proposing that simply leaving the bomb there was an option is beyond me.

    1. @ Ariel Koren: the problem with Israelis like you is that believe that you are smarter than the Israeli security source who told me the bombs were intended to kill Israeli soldiers, not Palestinians. The bombs could not have killed Palestinians because those who planted them would not have detonated them to target Palestinians.

      1. ״The bombs could not have killed Palestinians״
        With all due respect – Are you delusional? It’s a bomb!!! And the picture suggests homemade one.
        But for a leftist who says “let them return, it SHOULD be ok” to say “you could leave the bomb, it probably won’t hurt Palestinians” actually makes sense.

        1. @ Ariel Koren: This is my blog. I’m the balehbus here’s. You trash me or the blog, I’ll trash you. If you wish to remain you show derech eretz. You don’t, you’re gone. Capiche?

          You have no idea what a sophisticated, crude, or otherwise bomb looks like. And my security source, who DOES know these things, says it was intended for the IDF. BTW, when have you ever heard of Palestinian militants exploding a highway IED that killed Palestinians? Never happened.

          Another rule here for you: you NEVER put words in my mouth. You never say what I believe. You never paraphrase what I believe. And you certainly never put question marks around phrases I never uttered. Next time you try that crap and you’re outta here.

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