8 thoughts on “Israeli Diplomat: Rabbis Who Demanded End to Burmese Arms Trafficking Guilty of ‘Blood Libel’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Zionaut: I’ll tell you what: you get a public statement from the defense ministry that Israel will no longer sell arms to Burma, period (forget semi-secret “suspensions”); then our work is done here and we can all go home. Till then, it isn’t.

      1. Rohingya crisis a little nuanced that Tikkun Olam lets on. But who cares so long as it could be used as a cudgel against Israel.

        “The Hindu woman wept as she vowed never to return home, where she said Rohingya militants slaughtered her son, daughter-in-law and three granddaughters in August.”

        In 2012, the rape of a Buddhist woman by Rohingya men triggered widespread communal violence after which more than 100,000 Rohingya were confined to detention camps.

        Saudi-based Rohingya expatriates formed the militant Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, or ARSA, according to a December report from the International Crisis Group. Its leaders eventually traveled to the area to recruit and surreptitiously train villagers in guerrilla war tactics.


        1. @ Zionuts: How charming. A Zio-apologist who apologizes for genocide and ethnic cleansing. You should immediately report to Hasbara Central. Your instructor wants to pin a medal on you for most outrageous and disgusting defense of Israel yet.

          So you’re claiming that the that the murder of a single Buddhist family justifies the mass murder revenge attacks with followed?

          And you’re also claiming that Rohingya, in response to these war crimes, have no right to organize to defend themselves in whatever fashion they choose? Not to mention that if there were no genocide there would be no Rohingya militants defending them from genocide.

          Further, you oh so conveniently omit the BUddhist monk & his hundreds of thousands of followers who need no excuse to justify their own organized genocide. In fact, you may want to organize a junket of the sort that Aipac organizes bringing your kindreds to Burma to learn how it’s done so you can bring this knowledge back to Israel & implement it on the ground.

          SO I congratulate you for implicating your own Zio-crusade in genocide against Burmese Muslims. IT really does your cause proud!

  1. Don’t try to cram your words in my mouth. I’m not an apologist for anyone or anything. All I’ve done is linked to an article in today’s Washington Post, so I’ve omitted nothing.

    I learned something new from reading this article. Your readers might learn as well.

    1. @ Zionauts: You learned that Muslims killed Buddhists in retaliation for Buddhists killing & raping tens of thousands of Rohingya? And you didn’t know this before? C’mon. You’re being disingenous. You’re shilling for Buddhist genocide. You may not admit it to us or yourself. But it’s what you’re doing.

      As for learning something, why don’t you go read more about the disgusting Buddhist monk who is their version of Goebbels, who’s inciting this genocide. You might learn something.

      1. You have this story ass-backwards.
        The lede in the Washington Post article is that Rohingya are accused of slaughtering the Hindu minority.
        Hindus, not Buddhists.

        1. @ Zionauts: there has been no slaughter of Buddhists by Rohingyas. Buddhists have an army armed to the teeth & carrying out systematic rape, ethnic cleansing & genocide against Muslims. This army is supplied with weapons of death by Israel. Rohingyas have no army, no weapons. Nothing. 100 armed militants hiding in the bush. That’s it.

          So you either got the Post story wrong or made it up.

          You are done in this thread. Do not publish more than 3 comments in a 24 hr period. 5 comments today is monopolizing the comment threads.

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