12 thoughts on “Jewish Forward Protects Elie Wiesel’s Reputation at Expense of Alleged Sexual Assault Victim – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This represents some sort of logical culmination.

    Elie Wiesel would now be condemned to whatever hell Donald Trump is bound for

  2. How does a newspaper publish an accusation that has no possibility of being substantiated that is leveled against a dead person (doesn’t matter if it’s Elie Wiesel or Joe Blow) who can’t defend himself. That is by definition totally gossip.

    1. @ Ed Farber: I am publishing this garbage (I’ve refused to publish a few even worse of this ilk) in order display the utter hypocrisy and outrageousness presumption of men who doubt women’s claims of victimhood. It is unacceptable. It is offensive.

      The accusation was ‘substantiated’…by the victim. Nor is it “gossip” since the victim is bravely stepping forward despite the inanity of assholes like you who disparage her & her experience. Of course you would call a woman’s claim of being assaulted “gossip.” We all know why too.

      So her confession is good enough for me.

      Of course, the charge isn’t conclusively proven. But that doesn’t mean it’s false. I don’t report it as demonstrably, conclusively true. But I report it and take it very seriously as should all decent people (which excludes you).

      And you are a rabbi? Really? God only help the woman who comes to you complaining of sexaul assault. She will be treated like a leper instead of with the sympathy to which she’s entitled.

      1. Richard.. A great impassioned response to this commenter that cuts to the core of this issue. Since women are assaulted by men out of the public view their words must be taken seriously. That does not necessarily mean that all sexual accusations are legitimate but the overwhelming number are since there is an implicit stigma attached to the victim by making the claim..

    2. The journalist Joyce Roodnat, who has worked for the most respected newspaper in the Netherlands for decades, recently mentioned in a column that she was groped by Claude Lanzmann years ago, when she was sent to interview him in Paris after his film Shoah had come out. She later heard from two other female journalists from the same newspaper, that they had experienced the same, when visiting him for an interview. All three had dutifully written and handed in their articles, omitting what they had experienced.This is how these things work: You need to get home with an interview, and besides, I know from experience that when something like that happens, you are so stunned that you do not know how to react. Only later, when milling the thing over in your mind, do you come up with the perfect thing you should have said or done.
      Lanzmann still being alive, I assume you will not automatically dismiss these accounts as ”totally gossip”?
      As it is unlikely he only targeted Dutch journalists from one particular newspaper, there must be scores of women out there with similar stories. Don’t be surprised if at some point they start coming out. That female security guard at Ben Gurion airport a couple of years ago, may have simply told the truth.

      1. @ Elisabeth
        I was thinking about that story at Ben Gourion too, first time I ever read that prick Lanzman saying anything negative about Israelis. Do you have a source (even in Dutch) on that female journalist, I would love to post that somewhere here in France where Lanzman is considered à ‘hero’ though he said negative things about Elie Wiesel (another untouchable icon) after his death.

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