13 thoughts on “Autocrats, Plutocrats, Theocrats: Dog-Whistle Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Ilene: why don’t you write him a letter and tell him that. Ii’d be delighted to accept his support.

      However, you are wrong about his sharing my views. His are more liberal Zionist than mine. But i wouldn’t expect you to appreciate the difference. At least if his donations are any reflection. If i were a billionaire i would never use NIF as my donor/ funding vehicle.

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  1. There is no equivalence between, the Palestinian’s, “posts that supposedly advocate incitement or violence..”, and the Jew’s posts “containing racist, violent material”.

    Advocating incitement and displaying violence are two completely different things.

    “The results show exacerbated racism and widespread hatred and incitement against Arabs and Palestinians”.

    Right. 7amaleh’s data was collected during 2016, in the middle of the ‘knife Intifada’.

    Next time, please, a little context?

    1. @ Ilene: You are a pathetic hasbarist. You’ve created a distinction without a difference. Nor have you even examined the 7amaleh data. It shows Israeli advocating murder, rape, beatings, assassination on social media. The fact that you reject the notion that Israelis post reams of homicidal content on social media indicates how racist you yourself are.

  2. I don’t understand how you can write this article where all the information leads to the conclusion the Iranian leader is an a$$ but your conclusion is the reporter is a liar b/c he attacked him by ‘inference’.

    The left has been putting words into people mouthes for decades but refuse to hear when their sweethearts are are giving hateful messages out loud.

    I just don’t get it!

    1. “The left has been putting words into people mouthes for decades.” Could you explain what you mean?

    2. @ Ariel Eyn Shalom: A cardinal comment rule: if you don’t like or agree with my views, NEVER attempt to summarize them, categorize them, or speak for me. You will invariably be wrong as you are here.

      I never said the NYT reporter was a “liar” nor do I remotely believe that. Criticizing what someone has written is far different than calling them a liar. And I deeply resent you mischaracterizing my views. A mistake or sloppy reporting is not lying.

      The left has been putting words into people mouthes

      No, in this case you & your hasbara chums have been putting words into my mouth for many years. Do it again & you won’t be long for this blog’s world.

      1. “lies and distortions of the Iranian leader’s comment”

        I guess I thought you meant here the journalist lies, not the Iranian leader. My bad.

        Though it is hard to see why you will criticize the leader of a country you are so fond of.

  3. Richard’s criticism of Putin is way off base. It is true that Russia has banned a number of NGOs that were advocating “democratic” reform inside Russia. What was not mentioned is that these groups obtained almost all of their funds from western sources. One of the major groups banned was the National Endowment for Democracy (the link to the FP article mentions this). We should all know that the NED is an NGO in name only, in fact it was set up and mostly financed by the US government. It clearly exists to promote political movements that support US interests. As does Soros’ Open Society though his funds are private. Other groups that were banned obtained funding from the USAID, which is clearly controlled by the US State Department.

    The US does not, and would not, tolerate such organizations that were involved in US politics and were funded by foreign nations that oppose US policy. Russia wised up and stopped foreign nations from meddling in their internal politics. If one is interested in this topic I would recommend seeing the Hollywood movie called ‘Spinning Boris’. When I first saw the movie I thought it had to be mostly fiction, but, after looking up many of the anecdotes it turns out to be factually based. The movie is quite entertaining nevertheless.

    1. @ ToivoS: I’ve warned you in the past about shilling for Putin. I won’t tolerate it.

      Your claims are completely false. You have cherry-picked a single NGO out of scores (not “a number” as you claimed) that were banned. Most of those banned were in fact Russian NGOs, not foreign based. Most were dedicated to supporting human rights and not politically affiliated.

      The U.S. has tens of thousands of NGOs which do precisely what the banned NGOs were trying to do in Russia. None are banned.

      You will not participate further in this thread. And if you continue your shilling in general you will become less and less welcome here. The next comment of this caliber will lead to your moderation.

      1. Richard I read this blog because it does have a unique perspective on Israel. You seem to be someone who at some basic level support Israel and the Zionist goals. You want to reform what is becoming a very corrupt system. You show skill in critical analysis of Israeli propaganda and bring up topics because of your attachment to Israel that the Palestinian justice movement people do not share.
        When it comes to modern Russia you have no particular insight into what is going on there and seem to simply repeat routine anti-Russian propaganda that originates from the western war parties. That is to say, your critical analysis skills are no where to be seen. If you want to ban me because of this bias on your part then so be it — it is your blog after-all.

        I mentioned before that I am not a great fan of Putin but happen to be one who admires many aspects of Russian culture and believe that the current anti-Russian propaganda that permeates the American and European left is not only wrong but extremely dangerous (i.e. turn Russia into an enemy for no good reasons, the only country on the planet that could obliterate the US in nuclear war).

        1. @ ToivoS: When it comes to Russia you are a shill and not a very persuasive one.

          I too admire many aspects of Russian culture. But I don’t admire Communism (nor capitalism particularly) nor do I admire ex-Communists stooges & thugs like Putin & his gang. You don’t just admire Russian culture. You admire the ex-Bolshevik system slightly updated. You’re a fraud as far as that goes. Unless you’re just fooling yourself. But your lines are too hasbara-like to be ones you’ve devised on your own.

          I warned you not to post again in this thread & you have ignored my request. You will now be moderated and comments approved if they follow the comment rules.

          1. [comment deleted: you have been moderated for violating comment rules. If you publish future comments they will be approved as long as they respect the comment rules.]

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