7 thoughts on “The Yawning Chasm Between Zionism and Women’s Rights – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. On the Rasmeah Odeh case: Buthina Canaan Khoury made a documentary “Women in Struggle” (2004), on youtube, about the three female participants in the attack.
    Rasmeah Odeh describes how she was tortured, and that the toughest moment was when they brought her father and tried to force him to rape her (that’s apparently what made her sign the confession) …. She doesn’t say so in the documentary but she was raped while her father was present, and he was tortured in front of her to make her confess (cf article on Electronic Intifada), a young man was tortured to death in front of her.
    PS. two Israeli men were killed

      1. So – here we have a murderer, who confessed to murder the day after she was arrested, who’s father was detained for 3 weeks and released after intervention by the US state department but was somehow available to allegedly being forced to rape her (something she remembered 45 years later, as a suppressed memory) weeks after being released.

        The same documentary has her partners in murder saying that she was the leader in the attack.

        Sorry, this is no “Tzadeket”

        1. @ Stan: Sorry bub. You’re quoting the same stupid source as Seamus Ignoramus. It simply won’t do. Only Legal Insurrection claims she confessed the day after she was arrested. Her father may’ve been released after 3 weeks, but that’s not the point. During those 3 weeks he was tortured, and yes was almost forced to rape his daughter. Further, even if she did confess after the first day (a point I’m not conceding), she was held and tortured for 45 days.

          Rasmea’s testimony is not 45 years old. She delivered her formal testimony in 1979 at the UN commission hearing in Switzerland. That’s nine years after the trial and the same year she was released from prison. These are all facts you’d know if you’d bother to read something other than the shmatteh, Legal Insurrection. Try branching out a bit from the rightist pro-Israel swamp of which you’re a denizen.

          I never argued that she was a saint. But I will gladly argue that you’re a sinner against her. And either sloppy or a liar or both.

  2. Rasmea was never tortured. She lies. Per the UN observer sat in on the trial, she had been given a fair trial. Bomb material and receipts from Super Sol were found in her father’s apartment. Hmm??
    Years later, in a video interview, Rasmea’s co-conspirator pins the bombing on Rasmea. Please


    Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Erin Go Bragh!

    1. @ Seamus: You don’t even know how to quote your own source (which I read before you). First, the observer was from the Red Cross, no the UN. Second, the observer sat in during the trial but made no comment about her treatment before the trial. Third, a trial under military justice is by definition not a just trial. The U.S. chief judge at the Nuremburg tribunal said that military justice is an oxymoron. He got it right. Fourth, neither she nor I claimed she wasn’t involved in the crime. Only that she didn’t plant the bomb. Fifth, her co-conspirator only says Rasmea was “more involved than I was.” Which signifies precisely nothing. Not to mention that if you’d been convicted of terror and seen the Palestinians similarly convicted who were later assassinated by Israeli agents after their release from Israeli prisons, you’d say the same.

      And quoting Legal Insurrection as a credible source? Pul-leeze. DOn’t ever do that again. I only permitted it this time since it & you are so lame. I wanted to make an example of both of you.

      1. neither she nor I claimed she wasn’t involved in the crime.

        It is not clear what she may or may not have done. However, the allegations against her were not a “crime”. An oppressed people who use violence against their oppressors is not a crime. It might be unwise and counter productive but violent resistance against tyranny is not a crime according to international law. The violence the ANC used against the South African apartheid regime, the FLN used against the French colonials in Algeria or the numerous partisan groups against NAZI occupation forces in Europe and Russia during WWII were also not “crimes”. They are accepted forms of resistance.

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