21 thoughts on “New Pro-Israel Hasbara Meme: Blackwashing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Where do these excerpts you’ve provided in this piece come from?

    You’ve quoted about 10-12 paragraphs from what appears to be an article written by someone else, but I don’t see where you credited that person or provided a link to the original.

  2. This contrasts with the actual treatment of black Jews from Ethiopia in Israel, which includes a great deal of old-school racism.

      1. Maria
        We’ve all heard about racism against Ethiopian Jews in Israel, but non Arab muslims such as Africans and South Asians who are designated as “inferior muslims” and non muslims are heavily discriminated in the Arab world and often paid slave wages.

        While there are many zionist organizations in the diaspora who support the occupation, there also many Jews who fight for human rights. There are comparatively few organization run by Arabs or Muslims that address the condition of ethnic minorities or foreign workers within Arab/Muslim countries. There are some notable exceptions such as Ray Hanania who is a member of the Alliance for Kurdish Rights (if you can provide me with others I would love to hear), but most of their resources and energy is concentrated on the liberation of Palestine and improving their own situation within their new nations. This is fine, but I would not consider them altruistic human rights activists as long as they only fight for their own race. It would be nice if a prominent Muslim American could acknowledge the plight of the Kurds in Turkey and Syria or the condition of South Asian foreign workers in the UAE and in Lebanon.

  3. I can understand that Jewish involvement in civil rights was often driven by ulterior motives, and I admit that Darfur was more of a tribal conflict than an Arab genocide of Black Africans, which was exploited to create hostility towards blacks, and that African Americans get nothing out of supporting Israel, but blacks who are inclined to side with Palestinians on the sole basis that they are a non white group colonized by Europeans, are deluded as well. The Palestinians have no particular love for people of color, oppressed, or poor people in general, and many of their supporters would be harshly discriminated if they ever stepped foot in the Palestinian territories.

      1. I never said that they weren’t and I can not defend Israel. But the sole fact of living under occuption does not make one a good person. Arab culture is still very racist and continues to exploit “inferior” non Arab Muslims to do their dirty work which is why there is more radical Islamic activity in South Asian Muslim nations and in Africa and to a much lesser extent, among converts in the West than there is in the Arab world.

        I am not in favor of Israel, but Palestinians are not the sweeties that you think. They may pretend to care about other oppressed people

        Palestinians are not weak or underdogs by anyone’s stretch of imagination. Not when the entire Muslim world worships the ground that they walk on. Sure it may be entirely acceptable to champion various causes, but Kurds, Uyghurs, Saharans, and Kashmiris would consider themselves privileged if they could attract a tiny fraction of the amount of support among activists in Western countries and attention from the UN that your precious Palestinians receive, not to mention acknowledgement from their fellow Muslims.

        No ma’am. I won’t call the Palestinians underdogs when an oil rich nation like Iran declares the “liberation of Palestine” more important than the welfare of its own citizens. The Palestinians expressed their gratitude to the generous Ayatollah by sending volunteers to serve in Saddam’s army during the Iran/Iraq war.

        Or when Arab leaders who have committed mass murders of minorities within their country, reserve their last words for the Palestinian cause.

        I won’t call the Palestinians underdogs when a Pakistani adolescent from a rural village, whose never met a Palestinian in his life (and who would undoutedly be harshly discriminated if he ever stepped foot into Arab society) gives his life for the Paelstinian cause and the Palestinians show no consideration for his family and continues to dismiss his countrymen as “inferior muslims.”

        Suffice to say, I am no fan of Israel, but my encounters with Palestinians have not been pleasant. I may be bat shit crazy but I’m not retarded. What needs to be said, needs to be said and if accuse me of racism, than you’re no better than those you oppose.

        1. My partner is Palestinian, as is his family. His father was born in Jerusalem, but has no right of return, of course. American Orthodox Jews live in his neighborhood now.

          Of course, they are Palestinian Christians, but they are no “whiter” than a Palestinian Muslim.

          1. For intents and purposes,

            But you did not respond to my actual points. While support for Israel has become a prevalent theme in the West among conservative Christians and secular atheists alike, and Zionism and the Holocaust have undoubtedly been dominant in Jewish life over the past 65 years, you can not deny that the Palestinian cause has played a central role in contemporary Islamic identity.

        2. Arab culture is still very racist

          “Arab culture” (& where did you get such a sweeping statement from & how can you know what such a concept represents?) is no more racist than “Jewish culture” or “Chrsitian culture” whatever those concepts mean as well. You’ve tried my patience.

          Palestinians are not weak or underdogs by anyone’s stretch of imagination

          More nonsense. Palestinians are certainly weak in comparison to their oppressors, Israel.

          Now I see what you are. You’re someone pretending to be gay, pretending to be a woman, pretending to be god knows what else in order to defend Orthdox Jews and Israel (though you lie claiming you’re “not in favor” of it) and tear down Arabs & Muslims.

          This is quite clever. It actually took me a bunch of comments by you before I caught on. But for the life of me I don’t understand the psychological makeup of someone like you. Why do you do it? Why do you waste your own time & everyone else’s with this idiocy. Is it entertaining to you? If so, you’re beyond pathetic.

          As for being ‘bat shit crazy,’ you said it, not I. As for retarded, no you’re not retarded. You have some native intelligence. But being smart and being wise are two different things. You may be the former but clearly not the later.

          1. I thought her comments on kosher food a while ago were bat shit crazy and decided I would not bother arguing with her.

    1. The Palestinians have no particular love for people of color, oppressed, or poor people in general

      This is more ignorant nonsense. You know no more about Palestinian belief than you do about Jewish belief.

      If you wish to continue posting here I insist that you write to me telling me who you are. I want your real name and some way of proving you are who you say you are. Otherwise, you’re no longer going to be welcome here.

  4. RE: “You’ve heard of pinkwashing, greenwashing–now ‘blackwashing’ joins the cast of pro-Israel hasbara communities exploited…” ~ R.S.


    African American Political Leaders and Activists Visit Israel

    A group of African American politicians, consultants and activists arrived in Israel this week to participate in an American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) Seminar. The group of 18 includes eight state and local elected officials and three appointed government officials, including the presidents of the city councils of Atlanta and Detroit. The other participants are all deeply involved in political and civic life in their communities, including five who are co-chairs for the DNC’s Generation44 fundraising initiative in their cities. A number of the seminar participants have already attended pro-Israel events in their communities and have shown interest in strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship. Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell and DeKalb County Commissioner Lee May passed Iranian divestment resolutions in their jurisdictions in 2009.

    SOURCE – http://www.aipac.org/en/in-the-news?newsid=%7BF4379DFB-D32D-49C8-965B-37E03013BEE3%7D

  5. Thanks for this great article! I want to encourage you to get rid of the language “kids” and “children” when referring to college-age individuals. That will make your article (and argument) even better/stronger.

  6. I would expect that many of these black american students are born-again and have Dispensationalism in their mental furniture.

  7. [comment deleted. you claim you’re a “Black Zionist.” You’re a fake & a fraud & have tried this before here]

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