13 thoughts on “Seattle Prosecutor to Charge UW Shooter with Assault Instead of Attempted Murder – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In the video that I watched, probably the one the Seattle Prosecutor’s Office also watched, the shooter is provoking the anti-fascists with taunts and the anti-fascists assault him. Shooter pulls out his gun, and the victim tries to disarm the shooter and gets shot.
    Impugning the Seattle Prosecutor is one thing. ‘Outing’ the innocent wife of the shooter by posting her workplace is reckless and morally reprehensible.

    Shame on Richard.

    1. @ Seamus Ignoramus: I don’t know what you watched. Nor can I vouch for the fact that you aren’t legally blind. The shooter is clearly provoking the antifa. But there is no assault whatsoever on Hokoana. Dukes sees the gun and moves in to try to protect the bystanders from being shot. That is attempted murder. He has no right to have a gun let alone fire it. The other protesters are unarmed. No justification whatsoever.

      Elizabeth Hokoana is not ‘innocent.’ She is an accessory to a serious crime that nearly killed a man. SHe is up to her neck in this.

      I’m just incredibly tired of your bullshit. Perpetrate anymore fake moral grandstanding here & you’ll be history.

  2. About he guy who sent you the threat-
    You have more options, the most likely of them being that he did not use his personal computer
    Anyway, assuming its his peronal computer, you may get his information from his provier, which is Netvision. I assume that if you file a formal complaint the police will ask them to provide the info and they will be obligated to do so.
    As I have very little tolerance to boolies, I will happy if you did so.

    1. @ Amico: I have in the past filed complaints with various ISPs both U.S. & Israeli (I have received more death threats than I can count). I’ve never received any reply. Since I’m not Israeli, I seriously doubt any Israeli police would agree to investigate if I did complain to them.

    2. The expression is used on a quotidian basis and just means ‘be careful’.
      Probably referencing to a possible new law in the US that would forbid publishing gag order info from one country to another which automatically can be read via the internet in the country which has a gag order..

      1. @ raz: You’re a fraud. The literal meaning of the word is “gunsite” & that’s precisely what this moron meant.

        There is no such “possible law” in the US. You’re peddling a steaming load of horseshit. IF you knew anything about American democracy (clearly you don’t) you’d know such a law would be preposterous & impossible. I thought about just moderating you. But since you’re clearly being a troll provocateur, you’re banned outright.

  3. GEO location of IP address in Tel Aviv is Gan Hakovshim monument in park.

    Yael Moria and Sigal Barnir, who curated the exhibit and edited the catalog, begin with a historical-sociological-spatial overview of Tel Aviv. They describe how the city was built on an imaginary ideological-planning concept brought over from Europe based on “a double negative – repudiation of the local Jaffa-Palestinian identity and the Diaspora-Jewish identity.”

    They discuss the theoretical underpinnings which have turned the “White City” (an epithet referring not only to the color of the buildings but to the “white” Ashkenazi population) into a city with a historical, ultra-European modernist core, and a UNESCO world heritage site for Bauhaus architecture. They write about how central Tel Aviv dissociated itself racially, socio-economically and nationally from Jaffa and other Tel Aviv neighborhoods and suburbs. They argue that Tel Aviv preserved its Ashkenazi character by settling Jewish immigrants from Arab lands in the periphery.

    [Source: Whose home turf? By Naama Meishar; Haaretz-2004]

    Plenty of symbolism with US sundown cities?

  4. “be careful, you are now in the gunsight.” – not to ruin the party but AL HAKAVENET, might literally means what Richard wrote but it is used often and it doesn’t mean a sniper sits out of your house.
    If you search google for it, you’ll find thousands if not millions of times it is used just to say in focus.

    1. @ Jim: I’ll feel reassured until someone actually takes a potshot or turns me into a paraplegic. Then, I’ll think you were a trolling moron.

      You & I both know what he meant. So stop with the word games.

  5. Hi. What Muslims did Satterberg make sure got the harshest charges? I can only think of one recently but maybe there were more? Also King 5 had a video up that now I can’t find that shows the shooter all amped up trying to instigate fights. Do you have that video? And as regards the wife, she was outed in the police report wasn’t she? And she’s seems an accomplice to his destroying evidence if nothing else. Why are they not publicizing more the fact that the victim was a UW employee and that guns are not allowed on campus? This whole thing is whitewashed. Lastly, when is this guy arraignment? Thank you.

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