6 thoughts on “Bibi’s Nine Lives: is This His Last? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In the Netanyahu-Arnon Mozes affair, it’s worth noting that Likudnik Silvan Shalom is married to Judith Shalom Nir-Mozes, Arnon Mozes’ sister.

    1. Indeed. Moreover, Silvan Shalom was Bibi’s rival in the likud until he was accused of sexual harrasement and had to resign. In other words, it is possile that Arnon Mozes has personal agenda against Bibi.

        1. Well, to make things even more interesting, now it is claimed that Ha’aretz minimizes its criticism of Mozes’s part of the alleged bribery affair because the latter holds “sensitive” information regarding Amos Shoken (who controls Haaretz(…..
          Though the one making these claims is Yoav Itzchak who indeed has an impressive record of exposing corruption but is also Bibi’s supporter and has a motivation to פportray Bibi as a poor victim to an attempted extorsion by Mozesץ However, even if its true one would expect a prime minister to report to the legal authorities that someone tried to extort him (especielly if he documented the conversation on tape-and he had). The fact he did not means that he knows very well that he hoped to gain something from Mozes. In other words, that he was attempting to get a bribe…
          And it is no secret that in many cases the one who offers a bribe adds a threat in order to put extra pressure accept the bribe. Anyway, Bibi is f****d.
          Though one should never underestimate his talent to get out of anything.

  2. What interests me in the case is why Bibi decided to throw Sheldon under the bus in the first place? Maybe the two had a falling out?

    What would cause Bibi to ditch his most valuable patron for the sake of one of his enemies?

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