4 thoughts on “BREAKING: IDF Commando Unit Accused of War Crimes Has New Commander Whose Identity is Censored – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, to be fair, didn’t you provide in the tweets a familial relationship that would allow the alleged victim to be identified? Just like arutz-7 provided everything needed to reverse engineer the identity of the new commander…..

    I will note that these identities while protected, are really fairly well known – it is not a huge deal.

    The IDF should perhaps consider assigning a non de guerre to all enlisted men and officers that will be use instead of their civilian name – this might avoid some trouble.

    Also, in your view, are all or most IDF units complicit in war crimes (for instance the crime of “settlement”?)? What makes Shaytet-13 so special in this regard? The Maramara incident is old news – relevant to the previous command, not the current, no?

    1. @ lepxii: Look, this is the last comment I’m making on this. I’ve told others (perhaps you as well) that if you go there again, you’ll move from merely moderated to banned outright. This seems to be a strategy of harping on this one issue, which I’ve explained at least five times here is not an issue. If you or anyone else brings it up again you’re history.

      It’s not at all the same as the case of Politis. He didn’t rape anyone nor was he the victim of rape. He’s an IDF commander whose identity deserves to be known since he’s a major figure in the Israeli army. Further, his identity has been exposed in the media & everywhere else. Becker’s daughter is not a public figure, has no media presence I know of & does not deserve to be known. If you don’t understand the difference then you’re even denser & crueler & stupider than I thought.

      Stop asking me questions which are meant as Gotchas. I don’t like it. You think because a war crime is six years old it stops being important or a war crime? Tell it to the families of the victims. You haven’t been a victim like that, have you? Or a member of a family of a victim? Didn’t think so. If someone killed a loved one of yours would the crime be less important or less a crime six years later?

      You are on very thin ice, I warn you. My trigger finger is getting very itchy.

  2. ״ The Israeli naval commando unit, Shayetet 13, stormed the Mavi Marmara in 2010 and executed 10 Turkish activists who were hoping to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza ״ – This is a VERY biased saying to put at the head of this article.

    To be clear, Shavetet forces were sent to impose Israel’s law in its territorial water against a ship that sailed to Gaza with unknown cargo.
    Dozens of “activists” attached the handful of IDF soldiers with knives and metal rods. As their lives were at risk, the soldiers had to take measures in order to prevent the “activists” from butchering them.
    The 10 mercenaries who died had large amounts of cash on them, meant to compensate them for their terrorist actions.

    1. @ Tom: No Tommy boy, the Israeli commandos attacked the Marmara in international waters where international law prevails. NOT Israeli territorial waters. The “cargo” of the Marmara was people & medical supplies. The IHH made that perfectly clear to the Israelis before sailing, as have all boats attempting to break the illegal siege.

      Actually, we don’t know what happened on board the boat. But even if the passengers used violence, they were armed with metal bars while the commandos were armed with light & heavy weapons. Further, those massacred were shot at point blank range, indicating they were executed.

      As for “cash,” the only cash found was stolen by Israeli authorities after they commandeered the boat and captured the passengers. Several million dollars worth of personal belongings & medical supplied were stolen by Israel & never returned.

      All of this is a crime. Further, this argument has been hashed out here dozens of times before. If you continue this argument you will be moderated. Read the comment rules & respect them. Before you published your comment there was a clear message above the comment box directing you to read the comment rules BEFORE publishing. Do so now.

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