16 thoughts on “Israeli Patriot Missiles and F-16 Fail to Shoot Down Russian Drone – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard

    “If all this is the case, then Israel doesn’t even know how to shoot down its own drones! Yikes, that’s gotta hurt ”

    Schadenfreude, Richard?

    1. @ Trippin’ Jon: The point of my post was not to enjoy Israel’s failure. But rather to point out the foolishness of Israel’s military posture. That’s called political satire & it serves an important and constructive role in any democratic society, which is why it annoys you. Clearly, you either don’t understand or appreciate what I do. Too bad for you.

    1. Well, of course. Syria does not have the world’s super power, the US and it’s puppets Israel, France Turkey, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar attacking it.

  2. A few comments –

    1. Israel isn’t “one of the largest exporters of drones” but the largest one and with a great margin https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2015/mar/16/numbers-behind-worldwide-trade-in-drones-uk-israel

    2. The title reads “Russian Drone” but in the text you write “may’ve been a Russian drone” and “drone was likely an Israeli model”. Are we certain or not?

    3. “what might be a $199.99 drone” – most defiantly not. Those toys stay airborne a 10-20 minutes and have a range up to 1 km (more likely 100 meters). What true is, the missiles shot are likely to cost 10 or even 20 times the cost of the drone. Just not 10,000 times like you suggested

    1. @ Danny:

      Are we certain or not?

      You don’t understand how the IDF works. They don’t tell you important information like that directly. They hint, they imply. They leave it to you to guess. The less specific information they offer the less blame anyone can place upon them. So yes, it’s pretty definite based on the IDF hints offered that it was an Israeli-made Searcher owned by the Russians.

      As for the drone’s cost, it should be self-evident that the price of the drone I mentioned was offered to connote satire. I didn’t think that was the exact cost of the drone. I meant to use that amount to contrast it with the enormous cost of the Patriot or the war plane’s missile used in trying to shoot the drone down. The Searcher drones Israel sold to India appear to be quite expensive, though the price mentioned in the media may include maintenance, training and other costs.

        1. @pea: That depends which model and what are the conditions of the deal. Israel sold 100 to India for $750 million. But it may’ve been the latest model and included training, servicing, repair, parts, etc.

          The earliest models are 30+ yrs old & certainly don’t cost $6 million. I doubt Russia would’ve used a late model Searcher for this task since it was likely to be lost.

      1. [comment deleted: snark violates the comment rules. Just because you find your snark witty doesn’t mean anyone else does. Comments must be substantive. Snark isn’t. Consider this your first warning. And read the comment rules.]

  3. Think about this for a second……you have a “Patriot” or whatever variant headed right into the image of a target as the system sees it…….If the target is moving at a high rate of speed it cannot take evasive maneuvers without really getting off track and will miss its target……..So if we have a drone moving along at a lower rate of speed and its controller knows it is being tracked/locked and takes evasive action……Isn’t it just possible that the drone can evade the “Patriot” with a smart evasion plan at a lower speed that hopefully would be in the drone control package?

  4. The F-16 has a gun. Why didn’t the pilot forget all the fancy air-to-air missile stuff and just shoot the damn thing out of the sky with his 20mm cannon?

    After all, even one slug is going to take that down.

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