28 thoughts on “Netanyahu and Son Investigated for Using False Passport, Money Laundering Via Panama Account – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. על זה אמר הגשש “קחו לדוגמא את אישתי, קחו אותה ממני”.

    Not sure what right has “someone from outside Israel takes it upon themselves to bring it to a close”. Aren’t you against int’l involvement in Syria?

    1. @ dave: And what makes you think it would require an Israeli civil war like in Syria to force Israel to behave like the rest of the nations? Not to mention, which parties would enter this conflict to defend Israel’s Occupation & established order? If Israel resisted international pressure, all that would be necessary would be a massive international sanctions regime to force Israel to its senses. Ban all Israelis from European or Asian vacations and stop the import of all the goodies Israelis love. Shut off Israel from the outside world to the extent possible. That would do the trick.

      1. Bar all Israelis from vacations shut Israel from the world…

        Tell us again how you think the Gaza blockade is unfair.

        1. @oneisraeli: Tell me which country Gaza has been occupying for five decades and which nation’s land it’s been stealing for as long? when you identify them we can talk about boycotting Gaza.

          1. Hamas, the government of Gaza, has been sitting in land that was taken from Egypt – so if they were all about “returning land to its owners” they should talk among themselves..

            Your strawman aside, it’s good to see you have no logical retort. You push for a boycott and isolation of Israel while crying the “horrors” of the boycott of Gaza.

            Slow clap there, Richard. Well done, old boy, you get an A+ in internal logic.

          2. @ Oneisraeli: Israel offered to return Gaza to Egypt & it declined Israel’s generous offer. Further, Israel conquered Gaza, stealing it from Egypt. So now you’re going to start a campaign to return it to Egypt when your country was the one that wrested it from Egypt in the first place? Now that’s CHUTZPAH!!

          3. Gee, if only Egypt hadn’t thrown a casus beli by closing the Tiran Straits and removing the UN, or the Operation Dawn plan, eh? But I guess that falls away from your “narrative”.

            Still, in your strawman building and feigned surprise, you did not answer how your clear call for BDS and beyond is different from what you think Gaza is going through. I’d appreciate a clear answer.

        2. 70% of the people of Gaza descend from population that was ethnically cleansed from what is now Israel by gallant Jewish militia. They did not end up there voluntarily. Yet you want to blame them for sitting on land that belongs to Egypt?
          You should hang your head in shame.

          1. Thank you Elizabeth and thanks to Mr Silverstein for his courageous article. Respect.

        3. “Hamas, the government of Gaza, has been sitting in land that was taken from Egypt – so if they were all about “returning land to its owners” they should talk among themselves..”

          The key word in that ignorant nonsense is “owners”.

          Egypt seized the Gaza Strip in 1949, no question, but at no time – then or now, or at any time in between – did the Egyptians ever claim that their seizure of that territory meant that they then “owned” that strip of land.

          Egypt held that territory under a belligerent occupation I.e. it was an “occupying power”.

          They acknowledged that as the indisputable fact that it was, and so when the IDF seized the Gaza Strip from the Egyptian Army in 1967 all that happened was that one occupying power was replaced by another military occupier.

          Nothing more, no less.

          The “owners” of that territory were always the Palestinians, precisely because neither Egypt nor Israel could point to any document of any sort that so much as hinted that either of them had any ownership rights to that territory.

          Honestly, hasbarists really do write the most ludicrous nonsense…..

          1. The owners of that land have “always been the Palestinians”?

            Then you should have no problem telling us the name of the last Palestinian administrator of it. I’ll be waiting.

          2. @oneIsraeli: Warning to others: don’t feed this Zio-troll. This is the sort of Gotcha game I hate. Don’t play it & don’t encourage dare anyone else to either.

          3. So…no answer then?

            Richard, you’re entitled to your own opinion/narrative, but not to your own facts. The fact is that Gaza was Ottoman, British, Egyptian, Israeli and now it is Palestinian. Childish name-calling won’t alter those documented historic facts.

  2. ” On the strength of the funds in this account, Yair is suspected of money laundering, possibly in order to avoid taxes or for another motive.”

    Possibly. Or maybe he was given a fake passport that had already been used for a nefarious purpose and that Yair is totally innocent.

    1. @ Trapper Joe: Oh yeah. Mossad is gonna give the PM’s son a used fake passport so that Interpol or some other agency will flag it & arrest him. At least attempt to make your hasbara faintly credible. As for Yair being innocent. It could be that Sara is behind this whole show. I don’t know. She may’ve put Yair up to it & he may’ve been a willing patsy. I’d like to believe a young kid doesn’t yet have the larceny gene which his mom & dad possess in abundance. But who knows?

      1. It’s really very simple. One only has to compare the date the kid began using the passport with the date the passport was used to open the Panama Papers account.

        My feeling is that Yair is an innocent, and that this investigation will go nowhere.

  3. Meet the 3H Global team

    Worked closely with political figures who brought us the Iraq War – see Chilcot’s report.

    “In my opinion the actions taken by the IDF were necessary to defend the people of Israel from the ongoing, intensive and lethal attacks by Hamas and other groups in Gaza. It is the inalienable duty of every government to use its armed forces to protect its citizens and its terrain from external attack.

    “In this case there was a sustained assault on the Israeli population from rockets and mortar bombs; attacks on Israeli military posts using tunnels; apparent plans to launch further attacks on Israeli military posts and on civilian settlements also using tunnels; and attempted attacks from the sea.

    “As the Gaza Strip is effectively a separate state, outside of Israeli control, these actions amounted to an attack by a foreign country against Israeli territory. In these circumstances I know of no other realistic and effective means of suppressing an aggressor’s missile fire than the methods used by the IDF, namely precision air and artillery strikes against the command and control structures, the fighters and the munitions of Hamas and the other groups in Gaza. Nor have I heard any other military expert from any country propose a viable alternative means of defence against such aggression.”
    [Source: Richard Kemp in Submission to the U.N. Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza conflict]

  4. Well if policy will change, you’ll be out of work, what will you do without slandering the state of Israel?

    1. @ Kobi: Thanks for the laugh!!

      As for being “out of work,” don’t worry about me. I can always go back to writing about world music and food. But chances of Israel righting itself any time soon are about 1 in 10-million. Which leaves me plenty to write about for the foreseeable future.

      As for “slandering” Israel, you don’t know the meaning of the word if you accuse me of it. You’re a pathetic Zio-troll.

  5. Many on the Israeli right will be ecstatic if Bibi falls – especially if it doesn’t involve an election loss. Bibi has been holding on not due to a hold on the right-wing elites, but rather by the ability to turn out of the vote and by containing all internal right-wing opposition (whenever a potential challenger emerges – he’s been relegated to……..).

    Ya’alon will be kicking himself for resigning as an MK (a prerequisite for being PM) if this moves forward to an indictment – if this happens not too close to the elections, a Likud MK (or in some less likely scenarios a different MK) would be appointed.

  6. If I was in Bibi’s place right now I’d make a run for it ASAP. “Take the money and run” style.
    I assume he’ll try to shelter in one of Adelson’s casino hotels or one of Mimran’s soldiers will locate a safe house for him. Or else he’ll spirit away in one of the German-Israelized submarines and secretly touch land on some desolate Argentinean shore.

  7. You guys are hilarious.
    Such a load of imaginary crap..
    So many inaccuracies and conspiratorial bs…
    And all for the sake of bashing Israel. I’d be ashamed if I’d cared that you’re supposedly part of my people.
    BTW, 3H has many more clients than what’s up on their website (I know if for a fact), it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a political consulting company keeps it full client list confidential. But I guess a moron would have a hard time comprehending that, either a moron or just an extremely biased person.

    1. @ Niro: And welcome to Ari Harow’s friends, cronies & acolytes. As for Harow’s firm’s clients, he may have a few more but someone like him who flaunts pictures of Bibi all over his site, would certainly say who his biggest, most important clients are on his site in order to boast of his clout. The fact that there are 3 second-rate clients listed indicates what a flop his company is.

      The Israeli media seem to agree with me and note that paying $3=million for the company of Bibi’s former scheduler seemed outrageous to the police as well.

      As for who’s a moron or biased person, we’ll see about that. Get back to me in a year. If Bibi’s still in power, then we can talk. If not, the fool’s on you.

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