14 thoughts on “‘Being Evil’: Google Censors Tikun Olam from Certain Hebrew Searches – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. For a blogger who regularly censors, moderates and bans commenters on your blog, you’re surprisingly indignant when it happens to you, if indeed, you are being censored at all.

  2. I clicked Barbar’s link labelled google.co.il but my search was re-directed to google.com. Perhaps that explains why a search on “co.il” performed in USA gets a USA-type google rersponse. where was Barbar doing his search? Where has RS (or his surregate) been testing his google.co.il search results?

  3. @Barbar- you make a completely valid point. Google is a private company and is free to act within the law according to its business interests, as it perceives them. Google has no moral, legal or journalistic obligation to promote Tikun Olam, any more than Richard does to publish comments that he doesn’t like.
    Your griping is pretty rich, Richard. And it’s pretty idiotic to be pretending to fight for the free voice of the “little guy” in the face of “fat cats”. Who gives a crap about Boris Krasny?

    1. @ Yehuda: You’re an idiot. Google is not a “private” company. It is a public company. It’s business interests are supposedly in line free information as widely shared as possible. If Google violates those values then it should be held accountable & its customers & users should act accordingly. Google has every obligation to honor the values of freedom of information, which it violates by censoring anyone whether it be this blog or anyone else. Google took a bad beating when it agreed to censorship while doing business in China. This was part of the reason it withdrew from the Chinese market. If it acts the same way in Israel it should be exposed & similarly penalized.

      You Israelis trash freedom of information & speech virtually every minute of every day. You don’t give a crap about these values. So your nonsense doesn’t surprise me at all. But if Google takes your view, it will be pummeled in the market & justifiably so. I wouldn’t apply for a job at Google any time soon, if I were you.

      As for Boris Krasny, every fat cat he’s ever fixed a problem for gives a crap for him. And legitimate journalists like those at 7th Eye, Haaretz, Globes & elsewhere who are chafing at the bit to report this story give a crap also. Don’t apply for a job as a journalist either, come to think of it.

      BTW, who gives a crap about you? Well someone does, I’m sure. But not here.

  4. @ Pablemont
    And when I clicked I was redirected to google.fr (that’s where I am).

    @ Richard
    The reply-botton doesn’t work, when I click it brings me back to the article.

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