9 thoughts on “New Jewish Terror Suspects Arrested in Dawabsheh Murder Case – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Israel heard from Bogie Yaalon why the murderers likely would never be brought to justice.”
    Can you support this claim with a source? All I read is he said at the time they weren’t ready to charge suspects.

      1. You know very well what was published about Ya’alon word. 972mag interpretation as ‘low priority’ is silly.

        If that all you have to show for your above statement, then it is false.

        1. @ Arik: You don’t change the goalposts in the middle of the game. You asked where Yaalon had said the case would likely never be tried and I offered it to you. Now you say Yaalon is a liar and therefore his word should not be believed. That is a non sequitur & also changes the original terms of our debate, which you can’t do.

          You are officially done in this thread. Move on & do not return to this thread.

  2. Your hatred towards Israel is so evident you can’t even tell between facts and fiction- this is your “journalism”…

    1. Eva, I wish there were many more lovers of the democratic and liberal judaism
      as Richard. If we could clone Richard a million times, Israel would be a much better country than it is today. Unfortunately, Israel is infested today with Jewish groups who are the closest that
      one could ever imagine to Neo Nazi thinking about the Palestinians, to racism (racism
      is the worst with HABAD, the most despicable Jewish sect in Israel), and Israel is now
      the only country in the whole world that keeps a people (4.7 millions !!) under its full control with no civil rights and hardly any human rights. Americans like you , Eva, are not helping Israel with their unconditional
      and uncritical love, which is a pill of death to the state of Israel. You would do yourself and us , Zionists,
      much more favor had you criticized the government of Israel, promoted the rejection of the apartheid created by the presence of Jewish settlers over the green line of 1967, and had you rejected the type of poisonous support offered to Israel by AIPAC

  3. I don’t believe that Israel’s national police, is a ‘security apparatus trained to look the other way at Jewish terror’.
    A police informant had infiltrated the Jewish terror group. If this informant double-crossed his handlers, than that’s ineptitude on the part of the police, not nonfeasance.

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