15 thoughts on “Wanted for War Crime: Killer of Hadil al-Hashlomon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Lost Dutchman: That’s immaterial. First, this eyewitness told different versions to different outlets including the Guardian. Another witness never saw a knife. Third, even if there was a knife, she never was a threat to the heavily armed, body armored soldiers. Amnesty calls it an extra judicial execution, even with the possibility of a knife involved. Gee it it’s really tough to figure out whether I prefer Amnesty’s version or yours.

      Again, the IDF video would clear up everything. Are you going to use as much perseverance in getting it released as you use in commenting here? Or are you just going to run your mouth?

      1. in other words, after giving several contradicting testimonies, his testimony is either-

        1. unreliable.
        2. unreliable when it doesn’t match your conclusion. (seems to be your selected answer)

        as for the 2nd witness- the amnesty report claims he was much further away from the 1st witness, which explains why he didn’t see the knife (that’s stated in the amnesty report).

        in short, in my conclusion there are no credible witnesses; but amnesty international isn’t known for it’s bias FOR israel so it would be same to assume they didn’t “invent” any knife.

        so for one any conspiracy theories that are being spread in this discussion about the knife being planted by the soldiers are-

        1. a lie
        2. have no basis on facts (comment rules say that extraordinary claims must be based with fact, perhaps moderation is needed…)

        as for whether or not the soldiers could have acted better and maybe even arrested her- look, it’s easy to look in retrospect; but following what you said about their youth and their nervousness- they honestly felt they are in danger and responded as they were trained. maybe the decision to place fully armed soldiers without any non-lethal options is the problem.

        unlike the rest of this forum i have heard the shooter’s version first hand, and i completely trust that he felt his life was in danger. you can call it a mistake of judgement, but it’s the kind of impossible situations these soldiers have to face in checkpoints.

        1. @ Guy: Fawas’ testimony is contradictory. A good lawyer would tear him to shreds. If testimony isn’t consistent it’s problematic.

          The 2nd witness was NOT “much farther away.” In fact, I’m going to publish his account tomorrow at Mint Press. He was slightly farther away than Fawas. But unlike Fawas, he saw the entire incident from beginning to end. He never backed away or took his attention away from the incident as Fawas did. And he documented the entire incident (which you will see). In fact, in some ways, he’s a more reliable witness.

          I don’t know where the knife came from. But saying it was planted by the soldiers is at least as credible an explanation as Hadil holding it herself. And the video, of course, would provide concrete evidence to support your claim. But you seem unenthusiastic about demanding it be revealed. I wonder why?

          “The soldiers could have acted better…”

          Gee, dya think??

          they honestly felt they are in danger and responded as they were trained

          Either you are wrong and they reacted in panic & fear, which should not be the way they were trained. Or they were trained to kill Palestinian girls for no good reason. Either way is a woeful condemanation of the IDF.

          i have heard the shooter’s version first hand, and i completely trust that he felt his life was in danger.

          I’m not interested in what the killer “felt.” Most armies train their soldiers to understand the difference between a girl and a real threat to their life. If a soldier can’t make that distinction he is going to kill people, possibly a lot people, who don’t deserve to die.

          A mistake of judgment…

          No, that’s not what I call it. I call it murder. I call what you are doing being an apologist for murder. Or call it “execution” if you prefer. As for “impossible situation,” not really. The Occupation as a whole is an impossible situation. End that & you end asking 18 year old high school students to make life and death decisions without proper training, and you end the even broader injustice of what Israel is doing to Palestine.

    2. Note that Lost Dutchman places more faith in the exculpatory nature of “unreleased evidence” than he does in the damning evidence that is actually there in front of him.

      Faith is a wonderful thing in religion, Dutchie, but it doesn’t really have a place in forensics.

      This is indisputable:
      a) The evidence that has been released does not corroborate the story being spun by the IDF.
      b) Any evidence that would corroborate that story HASN’T been released by the IDF.

      Yet you prefer (b) over (a).

      Why, exactly?

      Would it be because you have “faith” that (b) must exist because… err…. because…..

  1. The release of the IDF video is being delayed pending consulatations with the designer of that dress. They need advice on how to photoshop a knife such that it looks yellow to one person, brown to another and invisible to a third.

    1. Nah, hasbarah propagandists are playing the oldest three-card-trick in the book.

      It goes like this:
      1) We all need to wait until the IDF “releases that video” because only then will everything become clear!
      2) The IDF never actually, you know, ever gets around to releasing that video
      3) Errr, be patient, everyone! I’m sure that they’ll release that video Real Soon Now!

      That’s how it works: run that clock down and eventually the media will just move on to the next story.

      1. @ Yeah, Right: I’m going to be publishing a very important documentary update on this story at Mint Press News either today or tomorrow. It should put a lot of remaining questions about the incident into better context.

        1. Ah, apologies. I finally found your Mint Press News article. Obviously someone had already pointed it out to you.

          1. Yeah, Right: Glad you found it. I’ve been trying to interview Leme for 2 days. THough he told me he was off the grid essentially & couldn’t do a live interview, he did exactly that with Amira Hass. Strange behavior. I sent him questions by e mail I’d like him to answer. I don’t know if he will.

          2. Well, I suppose I’d be nervous if I were him.

            The photos are quite damning for the IDF, since they flatly contradict all their spin.

            What I find most revealing about the photos is the very obvious unprofessionalism of the IDF soldiers. Not just that the soldier who shot her appears to be hysterical, but then after the shooting the other soldiers just stood around rubber-necking as if they had not the faintest idea what to do next.

            And what’s with all those Israeli settlers milling around in the crime scene?

            The IDF comes across as less of an army than an over-armed, under-trained…. rabble.

            I know that Robert Fisk has been describing them as that for decades but, really, a boy scout troop could have handled that situation better.

  2. Israel deploys four battalions to hunt the killers of that Jewish couple. It means some 2000 Sherlock Holmes searching for “evidence” in West Bank. Or does it mean 2000 violent “Nazis” shaking the Palestinians collectively and randomly?

    How many battalions did Israel deploy to hunt the killers who burned that Palestinian family in their home? ZERO. Israel deployed soldiers to keep Palestinians silent after that murder. Still it wonders that how Israeli Jews have in their settlements and roadblocks security cameras which seem to recognize the movements of Palestinians but not those of the Jewish settlers. Surely the guards of the settlements know who sneaks out to their “nationalistic/religious” trips during nights.

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