10 thoughts on “Iran to Open Israeli Embassy? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think “Iran’s embassy in Iran” (as in the caption of the picture) should be “Iran’s embassy in Israel” as in your post.

  2. Seriously? This is a “teaser” ad – possibly for a restaurant. And no one is going to rush to take the thing down – don’t be ridiculous.

        1. @ dan: You’re still an idiot. You claimed it was an ad for a “restaurant.” Even the article to which you link notes it was a promotion for an arts exhibition, something noted in the FB post to which I linked. No mention of a restaurant. In my post, I called it “guerilla theater.” In actuality it’s guerilla marketing. Not that much different.

          I’ll tell you what I do hate: people who make things up as they go along…like you.

  3. Which part of “possibly” did you fail to understand?
    However, you wrote – ” You can be damn sure as soon as Bibi heard about this the city maintenance crews rushed to take the thing down. We can’t have messages of love and hope when we’re trying to stir up a war”.
    It appears (in the link I added) that the “instigator” is the Jerusalem municipality in co-operation with an art gallery (this information was not available yesterday) – hence “the city maintenance crews” will not be rushed to take it down.
    If you want to see an idiot – look in the mirror

    1. @dan: No, it wasn’t even “possibly” a restaurant, as the FB post to which I linked made clear it was an art exhibition. Is English a challenge for you or were you just too lazy to be bothered to read the link?

      You’re toast.

      1. [comment deleted, commenter banned: like a bad penny you keep turning up; and like Count Dracula you keep returning from the dead. Let’s see if we can drive a stake through your heart so that you’re permanently dead as far as this blog is concerned.]

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