13 thoughts on “Israeli-Palestinian Musician’s Subversive Critique of Mizrahi Politics-Culture – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Safadi cleverly shows these to be the affectations Mizrahim must adopt to become part of the Israeli Ashkenazi mainstream. ”

    This is the shopworn ‘divide and conquer’ formula. Standard fare of the Israeli left and pro-Palestinians.

    1. @Mitchell: I’m afraid it is racist Ashkenazi like you who have “divided,” but not conquered Mizrahi. Israel has deemed Ashkenazi the determiner of majoritarian culture & privileges.

      We on the left including Safadi merely hold a mirror up to the travesty you & Ashkenazi have created. That’s why you hate us.

  2. @Richard

    “This is what it’s like to be an “Arab” in Israel. Always a suspect. Always an enemy. Always feared and hated.”

    Richard. When you’re walking alone down a street in America, and you see a group of black kids coming your way, what are your thoughts? Be honest.

    1. If I saw Safadi or any other Israeli Palestinian walking toward me & I was Israeli I would think: there goes a fellow Israeli. If I saw a group of gun toting Israeli settlers I would run the other way.

      Interesting that you’d presume that your racist instincts mirror those of Americans. We certainly have a great deal of racism in our society, like yours. But unlike yours, there are activists and public officials battling against this scourge and making strides against it. Again unlike yours, there are laws and a constitution that offer help & protections to those seeking to end racism and the murder and incarceration of people of color.

    2. mItchell. The thoughts that go through you when you walk by a group of Blacks are what define you and your own prejudices. I once managed a 40-unit property in Highline’s predominently Black and crime-ridden area. When I sent a White painter to paibnt a few walls in a room (early in my management of the place), he came back telling me how threatened he felt because a Black woman was watching him as he painted. He said he would not go there to paint again.
      On the other hand, I never thought anything about going there an talking firmly to tenants who had not paid, I even went there at night because that was the only way to find tenants who were late in their rent. I had arguments with some tenants, but never once did I feel threatened.

      If you go to places with fear and hate in your heart, you will find a hate-filled atmosphere but be aware that it is only a reflection of your own thoughts. Rather like a child who fears the monsters under his bed.

      By the way, have you ever thought what goes on in the hearts of Palestinians in Israel and in the Occupied Territories, when they see Jews or Jewish soldiers around them?

      1. I got mugged by four, older black girls when I was 7 years old. I was yoked and robbed by four blacks youth on the subway when I was 27 years old. These, and other, incidents didn’t prevent me from going into the worst projects in Coney Island, Brooklyn to work as a social worker.

        Your point is what?

        1. Yes what is your point Mitchell? Do I understand correctly that having been hassled a few times in your life by people of colour makes you unable to understand the plight of Palestinians, including Israeli Palestinians?

  3. Off topic, but I saw an article of yours about suing Israel for terrorism at the Yahoo site ( which listed where it was published originally but I forgot). Good for you. We need this kind of thing published out in the mainstream.

      1. I found the article on the Yahoo homepage, but I think the software picks out articles from the web that it ” knows” I will be interested in– when I clicked on it it was from the mint website. (I am a Game of Thrones fan too, for example, and I get a lot of links to stories about that show because somewhere some program has noticed me clicking on those links). So on second thought I’m guessing the average person who uses Yahoo wouldn’t see the link to your piece but the good news is that I get a lot of links to articles with a rightwing Zionist viewpoint, which I obviously do not have, so probably everyone who is interested in the conflict got a link to your piece.

    1. @ Shmuel: First, if you wish to publish comments here you must take an identity that is unique so you can be distinguished from any other “Shmuels” commenting here. Second, you should only be as smart & talented as this alleged “moron.” As for being a “troublemaker,” again he’s the sort of troublemaker I’d be proud to have as a fellow citizen. The fact that you don’t appreciate him indicates your racism & prejudice. A reflection on you rather than on him.

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