17 thoughts on “Netanyahu Names Danny Danon as Israel’s UN Ambassador – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks Richard for showing us who that Danon is and what we should expect from him. I believe that he is a perfect representative of the change that the Israeli Jewish society underwent in the last few decades, to more racist, apartheid-supporting, anti democratic, expressing hatred to strangers but mostly to Palestinians and to leftists. Danon is a true representative of that change. BTW, on the J. Post website the video of Danon against Zoabi has English translation. maybe you would like to use that for those who do not understand Hebrew. We should be talking more to those humanists of the world to support the fight against extremism in Israel.

  2. I see nothing wrong with his appointment and the video you posted is a racist video to falsely show that North Africans are Arab haters and right wing… its time you move on to try and understand what is going on in Israel and in the world. We cannot expect Israelis of South African decent to represent us in the UN and hope for something and that includes Aba Eban. Just read Aba Eban’s speeches in 1967 and in 1973 to understand how detached he was. North African Jews were for centuries the best diplomats in the Mediterranean and beyond and Danny Danon will not be worse than any of his predecessors. He has all qualifications needed for the post and his English is good (studied in the US) enough and if not than he should speak in Hebrew or Arabic… the criteria you mentioned needed for this post are totally irrelevant. David Levi was the foreign Minister and i believe he has done a decent job even if his English was not so good. and i’m not impressed with trying to unfairly have Danon in the middle of certain scandals. I don’t know the guy but i know what is unfair and unfounded treatment. Having a Moroccan Israeli in the UN is a refreshing move and long overdue.

    1. “I don’t know the guy but i know what is unfair and unfounded treatment. Having a Moroccan Israeli in the UN is a refreshing move and long overdue.”
      No, apparently you don’t ….. and Danon is not Moroccan by the way.

      “Danon’s mother was born in pre-state Israel — “a Palestinian from Palestine,” Danon says. His father came from Egypt (….)
      By the way, I just loooove how some of the right-wing Palestinian-haters often claim that their own origins are in fact ‘Palestinian’. I know someone who claims that her French-born Ashkenazi father is ‘Palestinian’, because he settled down in Palestine prior to 1948, seems it justifies the ethnic cleasing of ‘fellow’ Palestinians ….

    2. @ bob: Given that Deir Yassin has proven yr claim that Danon is “Moroccan” to be false, the rest of what you wrote above is likely to be garbage as well. And note Deir Yassin included proof of her assertion about his origins. That’s the way it’s done. Next time include proof for your claims or no one will believe a word you say.

  3. I agree with your notion that survivalist Bibi is shipping Danon to the UN to get him out of his way, but again Bibi is sending rhese immature diplomats to the world who made it to fame by showing their utmost hate and belligerence to Palestinians and Arabs equipped with only propaganda tool and statements that will not help Israel in any way.
    There are news coming out of Israel yesterday that Bibi is about to appoint his mouthpiece and master propagandist Mark Regev to be Israel’s ambassador to England..
    Danon statements in the past will not sell at the UN, but for now to Bibi, it’s the way to go.

  4. “In the warped mind of a Likudist, the best way to approach such intense anti-Israel sentiment isn’t appointing a diplomat who can win over opponents, or even debate with them on even terms…” Netanyahu knows that he cannot win a debate in which he is trying to justify Israel’s international criminal activity, war-crimes, and human atrocities. He knows his only defense is through lies, deception, hypocrisy, arrogance, bullying, screaming “antisemitism”, playing on holocaustic guilt-trips, and by appointing right-wing extremist nut-jobs who will do all of the above.

  5. Mark Regev as ambassador to England after having irritated, annoyed, infuriated millions of viewers around the world, including those in Britain, with his evasions, distortions and plain lies. Well he won.t be able to sugarcoat this regime and that is all to the good.

    1. Wonder why Bibi didn’t ship Regev to Australia. Isn’t that his native country ?
      And I’m surprised Regev accepted, it’s not that he has good experiences with his hasbara in the UK.
      This interview with Jon Snow is still a classic, particularly the ‘subtitles’ telling us what’s going on inside Regev’s head …. worth to see till the end.

    2. What is so bad (from a Zionist viewpoint) about Regev being chosen as UK ambassador is that he has been, time and time again, slaughtered by Jon Snow on the British Channel 4. Jon Snow is one of the most highly respected journalists in the UK.

  6. I covered this topic …
    Petitions UK Government and Parliament – Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes
    Petition is going viral on the Internet.

    My additional highlights:
    ○ Foundation in memory of Yonathan after Entebbe raid
    ○ Book review “Terrorism: How the West Can Win,” authored in 1986
    ○ Netanyahu expert testimony before House sub-committee ‘policy Towards Iraq’ in August 2002
    ○ Statement before same House sub-cmtee – Preparing for the war on terrorism – 20-Sept-2001

  7. In appointing Danny Danon to represent Israel at the UN, Netanyahu is essentially giving the West ‘the finger’ (also known as the finger wave, the middle finger, flipping someone off, flipping the bird).
    In particular, this is Netanyahu’s response to Europe’s moves towards sanctioning/penalizing the West Bank settlements.
    Likewise, this is his response to ‘liberal Zionists’ here in the US.
    In essence, Netanyahu is ‘doubling down’ on his father’s extremist, right-wing, Revisionist Zionism.

  8. Might N. be sending this competitor to a world forum to fail spectacularly there? What is that story again about King David and Uriah … ?

  9. Danon started his international career with a falsehood. He pledged that, in spite of his own convictions, he would faithfully represent Netanyahu’s “two states vision” in the international arena. He knows, like everybody else now, that there is no such vision – and that it is merely an (increasingly less) convenient fiction to keep the world at bay.

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