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    1. You are being faux-naif. You know the difference between asking for cooperation and inviting collaborationism.

    2. @ Mitchell: Lives are “saved” by Israel recruiting Palestinian spies? What happens when Hamas exposes them as Israeli spies? Does Israel send F-16s to save them? No. Do they end up dead? Often. Oh & puh-leeze don’t try to land a blow with a snide crack about killing informers. Israel has done the same during its history as have most other countries.

      No one complains about NYPD asking for crimestopper tips because NYPD is not recruiting spies. It’s asking for help solving normal crime.

      Are you dull, dim or just as bad hasbarist?

      1. @Arie @Richard

        In crime ridden neighborhoods throughout the world, collaboration/cooperation with the police is taboo.
        In the United States, you can call it ‘omerta’ or call it ‘snitchin is bitchin’, but it’s one and the same.
        Expose crime, and you’ve violated the ‘code’, and the consequences may well be fatal to you.

        Yes Arie. I am naive. Please explain me difference between collaboration and cooperation? Between crime and terrorism.

        1. You persist in playing the faux naif. Cooperation comes from fellow citizens – collaboration from the occupied/oppressed.

        2. If you think anyone in a poor neighborhood in the U.S. has any idea what “omerta” is you’re joking. You’ve just come out of the 1950s. Residents of cities all over the U.S., even poor neighborhoods fight crime & cooperate with the police in doing so. Often the police themselves do a poor job of fighting and solving crime & don’t earn residents trust and support. But that’s another story.

          If you don’t know the difference between terrorism and street crime I suggest here is not the right place to find out. Do some reading, check Google. Further, if you are ‘naive’ or obtuse, please don’t advertise it here. And keep the questions to a minimum. That’s trolling.

          No more comments in this thread, please.

        3. You are either being naive/stupid or malevolent. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter.

          There is a world of difference between Police, operating within a single society, seeking informers to root out crime perpetrated against all. Shin Bet is recruiting informers and collaborators amongst the Palestiians in order to protect the settlers. They do not seek informers amongst the settlers to protect Palestinians because they are part of a military that is engaged in a persistent war against the indigenous population of Palestine.

          When settlers criminally attack Palestinian villagers the army and Police look on or worse abet them. Even to the extent that when the settlers want to swim in a pool, the army clears the Palestinians out of the pool. http://www.azvsas.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/soldiers-expel-palestinians-from-pool.html

          Therein lies the difference between co-operation and collaboration. The Gestapo also sought paid Jewish informers, people who betrayed e.g. Jews in hiding or Jews who were part of the Resistance. That was why the first act of the Jewish Fighting Organisation in the Warsaw Ghetto was, like Hamas, to execute such filth.

  1. This is a story with a beard which was broken in slightly different version over a year ago here – http://elderofziyon.blogspot.co.il/2013/11/gaza-ministry-claims-help-me-gaza.html#.VZhfPxtVhBf

    It is registered to AMIR SEIF of Kfar Qasim (which still might be fake).

    The Matam address is for Netvision which is an internet/address provider and is completely irrelevant. The phone number can be found here – http://products.netvision.net.il/MiniSites/Netvision/RenewBusDomain.pdf

    1. @ james: I like you less & less. So I put you on notice. I’m waiting for comment rule violations from you. Just give me a reason.

      This is an entirely newsworthy story as I’m reporting something entirely differently that Elder of Ziyon. I’m reporting that Nicola was recruited to become a Shin Bet spy through the likely tech intervention/hacking of Unit 8200.

      You think Amir Seif “might be” a fake?? Might be?

      1. Don’t blame the messenger!
        All I’ve said is that somehow you missed AMIR SEIF of Kfar Qasim and focus on NetVision which is the equivalent of blaming GoDaddy.com of being NSA.

        1. @ james: I didn’t “miss” anything. The idea that someone from Kfar Qasim is responsible for this domain is beyond laughable. This info is what I referred to as “obviously fraudulent” or whatever term I used. I didn’t “focus” on Netvision either. I focussed on MATAM. But clearly everything about the registration is a fake, which is what I’d expect from the Mossad, SHabak or Unit 8200.

          1. The source for the cached helpmegaza.com page contains code that sends analytics data to helpusgaza.com. The two domains, having adjacent IP addresses, are both hosted at the same physical site.

            helpusgaza.com is supposedly registered to Malik Aswad of Ahmed Hurani Street, Tira. (NB street and city are swapped in the registry). Both domains were created at about the same time. The contact phone is the same as for helpmegaza.com, so this data probably is also faked.

  2. Ok. Walk me through this if you will. Nicola was sitting in a café in Ramallah (Darna?) when a page he was viewing was replaced by the page pictured above? The page contains a phone number and a form. The form however won’t work because the page is a Google Cache page. That is kind of weird no? Pushing a Google cache address and a disfunctional form. Why would the shin bet be so sloppy? Why use Google cache? I am just trying to understand so please help me out. Maybe I am missing something…

    1. @ Pea: A hint: when someone shows you a Google cache of a web page it is always because the original page isn’t accessible. Once I noticed that, I suggested Nicola see if there was a Google cache available. Thankfully, the Shabak or Unit 8200 hadn’t cleaned up properly and he found it there.

      So of course in the cafe he wasn’t seeing a Google cache of the page. He saw the original page from the Helpmegaza site, which went down after he published his piece at LRB. He was able to find a Google cache of the page which was the only way to display it here.

      Now the entire website is down. You do realize that spies don’t enjoy being exposed & when they are they take steps to hide their trail?

      1. Ok so you’re a spy agency operating a publicly accessible Web site – one that had been reported on earlier. You somehow manage to set it up so that it pops up on people’s browsers without any action on their part. It seems to pop up randomly because Nicola saw it. And yet, it seems that this has only ever happened to Nicola. No one else has reported this hack, no one else took a screen cap, and now thanks to a change in their robots.txt file, even Google cache and way back machine don’t have it. Yet, the domain is still being hosted. Weird and also, it makes no sense. It doesn’t seem to be characteristic of world class hackers at all. It’s just too messy and random. I don’t know. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

        1. @ pea: You mean Palestinians whose computers displayed this page would clamor to tell everyone about it? Really? What do you think their friends and neighbors would think about someone who admits the Shin Bet tried to recruit them? How much do you know about the political climate in Gaza and the West Bank? I didn’t think so.

          Not to mention that this isn’t the only time the subject has been publicly exposed. Hamas warned residents a year ago about this website.

          As for explaining it to you, it’s already been explained. Please don’t advertise your thick-headedness. It ain’t flattering.

          1. Well, if it popped up on Nicola’s screen why wouldn’t it pop up on any other internationals’ screens? Ramallah is full of those and they would love to expose this awkward attempt by the Shin Bet to recruit informers – unless what you’re saying is the pop up wasn’t random but that someone at Shin Bet central headquarters targets specific people to see this pop up. Which do you think it is?

          2. @ pea: I’m not sure how carefully/closely you read my post. But in it I did say it’s possible Nicola was specifically targeted, though I doubt it. It could be the wifi in that specific cafe was targeted if he was using the cafe’s wifi. THere are myriad possibilities. He’d probably have to have a forensic technical specialist examine this laptop & browser history in order to get more specific about what happened.

  3. “We want to ensure a life of dignity and freedom for all.” In decoding Zionese, one needs to reverse the sense of statement. Hence “We try to create a life without dignity and freedom for some.” See? Try it — you will see the reverse rule works just about every time.

  4. Typical Israelis. It’s all about what you can do for them. No mention of pay, benefit package, etc. lol This is the same deal they’ve been handing to the American Jewish community for over 50 years. I should know. I bought into this pile of horseshit, hook, line and sinker.

  5. Richard, I just saw two headlines in Haaretz confirming your report about Mengistu in Gaza, as well as your report about Israeli aid to Syrian rebels. Well done!

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