7 thoughts on “Shin Bet Recruits Chinese Spies, Fails to Detect Alleged Hamas Smuggling Ring for Years – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How do we know that the monies she smuggled were charitable, and not used for more nefarious purposes like purchasing diving suits like those recently intercepted on their way to the Gaza Strip?

    1. Any funds smuggled for any purpose at all are conditioned by the blockade and seige, i.e. the economic realities of Gaza. Israel is the main determining source of Gaza poverty and misery as everyone knows so clearly, but Growler doesn’t.

  2. “These objections are supposedly based on Chinese opposition to violations of international law.”

    China says this is due to safety concerns rather than politics.


    The notion that SB is using Chinese laborers to spy, is, on it’s face, absurd.
    Richard. Even you sound incredulous.

    1. @ Growler: “Incredulous?” I posted an image of the Shabak job ad seeking a Chinese agent. A public ad. So how “incredulous” can the truth be?

      The Marker article didn’t say China was concerned for the worker’s safety. It said it was seeking to “protect” them. Which could have many meanings. One of which is protecting them from recruitment by Shabak. Another could be protecting them from protests and opprobrium from human rights activists like those who’ve protested against Lev Leviev, Ahava & Sodastream.

      Further, Marker notes specifically that the Chinese refusal could be seen as part of the international boycott campaign.

      1. Dear Mr. Silverstein, the image you posted is looking for a veteran of a combat unit with high Chinese language skills, not for a “Chinese agent”.

        1. @a reader: My Israeli intelligence source, who’s quite familiar with this matter, says Shabak has recruited Chinese assets among these workers.

          It’s quite possible the agent the ad was recruiting was to be the Israeli control for all these Chinese assets Shabak is recruiting. That would make sense.

      2. Haaretz article states specifically “condition… is due to safety concerns rather than politics”.

        What is more natural for a country than to have some Chinese speaking analysts? The fact there might be thousands of Chinese workers coming in, making it even more necessary especially with all the different allegations of Chinese espionage.

        I doubt Chinese worker will be good spies b/c –
        1. As you said, they will stand out and don’t speak Hebrew.
        2. Foreign construction workers work on big projects of multiple floors buildings. Those happen in the big settlements or Israeli neighborhoods is East Jerusalem which are not known for extremists, and not in the smaller ones where Shin Bet might want some people followed.

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